A Few Summer Tops That Flopped

basic woven tank top

My quick attempts at some summer tops ended up as flops. Oh well. We had some pretty warm weather here last month and I had a grand total of one camisole that fit me, so I thought it would be a great idea to whip up a couple of lightweight linen sleeveless tops to wear in the warmth. I started by drafting a new basic block (since I’m a different size and shape than my pre-pregnancy block) for myself and sewed it up in a salmon linen I had in my stash. It’s okay. I’m not enamored with the armholes or the fit through the upper back, but it’s wearable and decent for a first draft. I’m still exploring what silhouettes work well on my current body and I’m finding that, having gotten back a little bit of waist definition, I want to wear things that show I have a little bit of a waist otherwise I feel large all over and this draft doesn’t show any waist.

cashmerette springfield tank

Right after I sewed the mediocre salmon linen top, Cashmerette released her Springfield Top. My current measurements put me at the smallest size in her patterns, so I thought I would give it a shot as I really didn’t feel like futzing with fit (which would have been required by fixing my first block draft and any other pattern would require some sort of FBA right now). I went ahead and cut the pattern out some blue and white stripe linen with floral contrast panels in the back and went straight to french seams. And then I put on the top and it didn’t fit. The front is fine (I didn’t finish it so the neckline and armholes would finish 1/2″ in from where they are now). Unfortunately, the back is quite a bit too wide through the upper back. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the fit on her patterns, so it seems that I just don’t have the right shape. Another bust and, unfortunately, not worth fiddling with to make fit since I sewed all those french seams and summer is drawing to an end.

knit tank top

Finally, I took back a knit top that I knit last summer and immediately gave to my mom. I wanted to knit a tank top as a stashbuster for some random fingering weight yarn leftovers. I stupidly chose Villeneuve by Espace Tricot, not because there is anything wrong with the pattern, but because I knew the shape wasn’t one that I liked. I like cut-in backs on my figure but really don’t like cut-in fronts. Or at least, I didn’t on my old skinny pear figure. My mom has a much curvier figure and I thought it was flattering on her, so it became hers. I thought it might work on my current figure, and it’s certainly better than before, but I’m still not enamored with where and how it clings to me, so it went back to mom. Oh well.

baby and knit tank top

I’ll leave you with a picture of me and my cutie muffin hamming it up for the camera to counter the RBF I have in the other photos! Her romper (that I knit) is a win and the bra I’m wearing is also a win, so I’ll blog about them very soon!

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  1. Are you seriously counting these as flops? Girl, you drafted your own pattern! And it mostly fit! And you have a BABY! You also branched out and tried a new pattern from a new-to-you company, which is always a risk of precious sewing time… and you made time to blog about it. I’m sure one of the hard things about new motherhood and coming out of a rough year is that you want to hit the ground running and be good at everything, but give yourself your credit! :)

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      Awww, thanks for the sweet words and the pep talk. I appreciate it! It’s very true that I would love to hit the ground running and when sewing time is so precious (and clothes that currently fit so few), flops are particularly disappointing. But what you said is a good reminder, and I have a couple kick-ass things to show off next week, so that helped to restore balance in my sewing universe :)

  2. Hi Erin, did you make your own bra?!! It looks like a nursing bra, and I’ve been doubting about making my own for 2 pregnancies now, so I would love to hear your experience!!! (Since I’m in my 3th pregnancy, maybe I should give it a try )

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  3. Thank you for posting these ‘flops’ as I concur with Gillian above – however my last few attempts to sew have been flops and have left me with ufo’s and no mojo so it’s reassuring to see I’m not the only one who spends their restricted time with not fabulous results all the time xx

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      Sorry your sewjo has suffered a bit. Fingers crossed your next project is a massive success! And do keep in mind that we still learn from our flops (I’m trying to remind myself of that point too!).

  4. I think fitting vest fitting is very hard, I tried this year and flopped lots, it’s so simple that anything that’s not quite right sticks out and there’s not enough seams to alter, I started making a princess seam vest so I could get a decent fit and some shape but the weather has turned here so my mind has turned to jumpers. Your cutie muffin is gorgeous!!!!!

  5. I love the top one, the salmon coloured one. The fit looks good to me, and the colour is lovely on you. The shape also looks great – and remember you need easy access if you are still breastfeeding! ? how about counterbalancing the volume with skinnier bottoms/shorts?

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      Thanks for the compliments. I think counterbalancing with skinnier bottoms is a great idea. Unfortunately, my wardrobe of bottoms was just as sparse as my tops this summer, so I didn’t really have anything skinny I could wear on the bottom!

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