My Summer Sewing Space

summer sewing space

It may not look like much, but this quirky little sewing space already feels like home to me. We’ve been in our summer cottage for a week now and it’s starting to settle into a routine. Adam is off on a business trip, I’m home sewing for the wedding. It’s taken a bit longer to get to routine than I thought it would – at first there was unpacking, and then time catching up with all the to-do’s that got dropped in the rush of the move (turns out you still have to pay your bills, even if you’re busy), and then a couple days spent on my butt on the couch decompressing (at least that’s what I’m calling a couple days of the blahs).

view from the window

I picked the sun room, what was probably a sleeping porch when the house was built in the 1800’s, as my sewing space. There’s a whole wall of windows looking over greenery, gardens, and the water. I hear constant bird chatter, sometimes a rooster crowing, and the occasional car driving down a gravel road. It is such a marked contrast from San Francisco city living that I catch myself staring out the window, drinking in the calm and beauty.

sewing supplies piled on bed

On either end there is a single bed, pushed up under the eave. I turned one into my storage space with my bins of fabric, basket of knitting supplies, and suitcase of notions (all dramatically pared down for the summer, of course).

cutting table on bed

The other twin bed is my cutting table. Not the most ergonomic, but it’s only for a couple months and certainly better than the floor. You can see I already have piles of patterns pushed to the side as I flit from one muslin to another. I left the pillow on the bed in an attempt to keep the cat from sleeping on my patterns (which has only been moderately successful so far).

ironing board and WIPs

On the back wall is a little table with my WIP bins, the tiny stack of books I brought and my ironing board. I’d like to pretend that I use my ironing board for ironing, but usually it’s half full with WIPs, as it is at the moment. I’m very meticulous and organized in the rest of the house, but my sewing space often looks hit by a whirlwind.

view from the window 2

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  1. That looks like a lovely respite from the bustle of the city (and a whole lot sunnier, too). Considering I currently sew out of a 4 x 7 closet (again, San Francisco), it also looks positively palatial.

    Hope you enjoy some much-deserved downtime for sewing and dreaming this summer!

  2. Happy joy! Thanks for sharing your world. Wish I could drop by for a chat,a peek at your projects, and a few kitty pets. :)

  3. What a view, and those windows are gorgeous. I hope you have lots of fun and creativity in your new sun spot!

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