Striped Shift, Striped Shorts, New Glasses!

purple striped staple dress maternity

purple stripe prefontaine shorts

Last week, Adam and I spent a week in Hawaii on a babymoon (i.e. a vacation before baby arrives). We took advantage of a gap in Adam’s work schedule and used a bunch of airline miles and hotel points so that we could have a relaxing escape together now that I’m feeling a bit better. Apparently we weren’t the only ones with such a great idea, as it seemed like every third woman at our hotel was pregnant!

purple striped staple dress maternity 3

While I was able to raid most of what I wore from my mom’s closet (thanks mom!), no vacation would be a true vacation without some frantic last minute sewing for it, right? I grabbed some purple striped cotton-blend from my stash and whipped up a little shift dress and a pair of shorts. I sewed a Staple Dress by April Rhodes since my Baseball Staple Dress is the only woven garment in my closet I can still fit into. Fast, easy, lightweight, and perfect for sunny weather.

purple striped staple dress maternity 2

To give the dress a bit of shape, I marked my under-bust line and then sewed a casing of fabric across the front and back, leaving a gap in the center front. I made a drawstring out of another strip of fabric, threaded it through, and voila! I’m not going to get any more hot weather before baby arrives, so I fit the dress to my current belly. I figured that I could take off the drawstring and use the dress as a cover-up in the future or, more likely, move the casing down to my natural waist so I have a dress that will fit and flatter next summer.

purple stripe prefontaine shorts 3

I had just enough fabric that I could eke out a pair of Prefontaine Shorts by Made with Moxie from the scraps of the dress (you’ll notice above that I didn’t even have enough to make the dress pocket bags out of the same fabric so there’s a tiny peek of a contrast fabric from my scrap bin at the pocket opening). I used a strip of t-shirt edging that I had on a roll for the edging on the shorts.

purple stripe prefontaine shorts 2

I didn’t make any maternity-specific changes to the shorts so they, too, can have a life in my closet which means the fit isn’t perfect right now. I did lower the waistband so they are quite low-rise, which means that they fit (with a little scrunching) under my belly currently (and work as lounge-around-the-house shorts or sleeping shorts right now). I left the extra fabric folded into the waistband so I can raise the rise (that’s a funny phrase) in the future when I don’t have a baby bump to get in the way.

new blue glasses

You may notice that I’m wearing new glasses in the photos (It’s okay if you didn’t notice, because I probably wear a dozen different pair of glasses at this point. I’m kind of a glasses junkie and love matching them to my outfits. But people IRL have certainly been noticing these glasses as I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on them!). They were sent to me by GlassesShop in exchange for mentioning them in a blog post. The prescription eyeglasses arrived quickly, the prescription was spot-on, and they seem to be pretty good quality for plastic glasses. They get my stamp of approval and I’ll be perusing their selection again the next time I notice a gap in my glasses wardrobe.

If you too wear glasses, I recommend checking out GlassesShop for cheap glasses. They are currently having a sale on glasses and sunglasses and using the code GSHOT50 you can get 50% off!

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  1. Hey gorgeous! I love the idea of a babymoon – smart move! I’m glad you are feeling better these days. All your bright colours are making me wish for summer!

    1. Post

      Out of everyone’s wardrobe that I know, I think you do a pretty top notch job of wearing bright colors year round! But I know what you mean. It was a good reminder to myself not to get stuck in only grey through the winter!

  2. You look great… Love the dress! I have a bump too and trousers are getting uncomfortable and ill fitting without the much lower waistline as you said.

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