Stag Head Pullover

I have accomplished what I didn’t think could be accomplished! I picked out a seasonally appropriate pattern, started knitting it, and finished it all in that same season!! And how ridiculous is it that I now kinda wish that we hadn’t upgrade our furnace to a heat pump this winter because our house is actually a comfortable temperature and I don’t need to bundle up in sweaters every day so I can’t just wear this sweater all day every day all winter long. Not that I’m complaining that our house isn’t freezing in the winter any more or anything, I just want more excuses to wear this gorgeous sweater.

The pattern is Stag Head Pullover by Norah Gaughan. The pattern was written well, the charts easy to follow. And of course it’s a totally awesome design, unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere. Norah Gaughan is a master of cables! And I love knitting cables.

The sweater knit up so quickly partially because it’s with a worsted weight yarn (and I always seem drawn to fingering instead) and partially because I got kinda obsessed and couldn’t stop knitting. I changed the construction order around a bit since I thought I was playing yarn chicken (though I turned out to have 118g left so I wasn’t actually playing yarn chicken at all, I just didn’t actually know the yardage of yarn I had to start. Better that way than the other way around!). The yarn came from the Bruce Woolen Mill and I bought it at the mill in New Zealand a couple of years ago on our honeymoon. It’s an angora blend made of offcuts and recycled fibers from the mill. (The same yarn (but different color) I used last year for my shrugigan). The only change I made to the pattern was to lengthen the sleeves (though I probably could have been a little more conservative in my lengthening. Better too long than too short is my mantra.)

I dont’ know what else to say about the sweater other than I’m in luv! I love that it’s a total statement piece given the design but the fact that it’s a single neutral color means I can pair it with just about anything (if the shape is right, of course).

Worn with my giant cuff jeans. My Ravelry project details.

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  1. Truth – when I saw this on IG, I didn’t realise it was you, because I was so entranced by the cabled deer!!! Mind. Blown!

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  2. Wow- I love this sweater- but have never knitted cables before- is it too hard for a newbie with cables?

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      This definitely isn’t a beginner pattern. I’d suggest tackling at least one other project with cables first and one other sweater first. Get used to reading a chart, dealing with a cable needle, and the like on something simpler like a scarf or hat. That being said, it all depends on how adventurous you are and how much help you have around you. I’m a big fan of diving in to big scary new things. So if you don’t mind hard things and have a knitter friend (or local knit shop) you can ask for advice if you get stuck, go for it!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. The cabled deer is amazing. I am so impressed. I have yet to finish a sweater that fits so I’m also kind of jealous

  4. This has to be the single coolest hand-knit things I have ever seen…it almost makes me want to try my hand at knitting! Kudos for a job well done :)

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