Spaghetti Lace Rug and Crocheted Baskets

spaghetti lace rug black crochet

Giant spaghetti yarn. So much fun. Okay, so it’s really called Hoooked Zpagetti. But whatever. I had a blast crocheting up a large scale lace doily as a rug (and a couple baskets to match) for my first project as a Minerva Crafts Network blogger. The yarn is made from manufacturing scraps and is essentially very long strips of t-shirt material.

Hooked Zpagetti crochet

When I saw this yarn on Minerva Crafts, I knew I had to have it. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but it had to be something. I thought I would give crochet a shot since I haven’t crocheted much (only one tablecloth size fractal doily) and making a big bulky crochet project sounded like a fun learning experience with a good chance of success. I pulled out a couple of crochet books (Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia and the Crochet Answer Book) from my shelf and started hooking. And frogging. And hooking some more.

crochet hook comparison zpagetti

I initially got 2 different crochet hooks because I wasn’t sure which would look better.  I compared 10mm (top) with 15mm (bottom) and found that I liked the smaller hook with the tighter stitches. I played around with a bunch of different stitches, tried rugs of different shapes, and generally just had a good time experimenting.

small lace rug crochet

After settling on a rug design, I initially ended the project with a smaller rug that fit just in front of the kitchen sink. I really liked it, but I decided that I needed something even bigger  to fill the space between the counter and the butcher block island. So I added on several rounds to the outside. I think this is also a nice place to stop crocheting for a pretty small rug and I marked this point in the pattern if a smaller rug appeals to you.

grey cat on black crochet

Of course my cat’s highest version of praise is how much she likes to sit on any given project. And she looooved to sit on this while I was crocheting it! (In this picture she’s sitting on my very failed attempt at a half circle rug. I had better luck with the oval.)

spaghetti lace rug

I’m pretty thrilled with the finished rug. It’s got a fun lace pattern. It’s not too hard to crochet, being almost entirely double crochets (that’s treble crochets if you’re in the UK) and chains. It looks striking in the black yarn on the light floor, but it would also look pretty and delicate with a non-contrasting color. It uses 1000g of yarn (just over 1 large skein, so you’ll need 2 skeins of the size that Minerva sells). If you want the pattern to crochet it for yourself, you can find it on Ravelry.

black crochet baskets hoooked zpagetti

Since the crochet rug took just over 1 large skein, that left me a fair bit of yarn left to play around with. I ended up crocheting two basket (using the same 10mm hook). For the larger basket, I followed the free instructions for the smaller basket pattern by Crochet in Color. For the smaller basket, I followed the same instructions, only crocheting 5 rounds (not 6) for the bottom of the basket and not crocheting handles.

crochet basket hoooked zpaggeti handle

These baskets are the perfect thing to sit in my living room because I’m always working on some sort of knit, crochet, or needlework project and if they have a basket to sit in they are much less likely to be unravelled by my cat (see the terror pictured above). I also love having things I’ve made decorating our home.

crochet pattern

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  1. You’ve done it again! Pure awesomeness!! I love the idea of recycled t-shirt fabric being made into something useful (yarn), and gorgeous (your lace rug). Keep it up, Seamstress Erin!

  2. Wow I really love these! Crochet or hug rugs can look so grandma-y, but these are so modern and cool! I also might use that basket idea for my projects…

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    1. Post

      The claws are silicone that we glue onto our cat’s nails so that she doesn’t scratch the furniture. They shed naturally as her nails shed.

      1. That’s a great idea (and so cute), I’ll have to see if we can find that in Europe (my cat has single pawdly destroyed our couch and seat cushions).

  3. I absolutely love the rug! We got a bathmat from Cost Plus with a crocheted edge, and ever since I’ve been thinking about crocheting a rug. I’ve also been thinking about crocheting a cat bed for Dandelion… this is a timely post :)

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