Some Jersey Knit Maternity Clothes

raspberry jersey maternity dress

When I ordered my latest assortment of fabric from Minerva Crafts, I had visions of assembly-line sewing an assortment of loose fitting raglan tees – fast and easy to sew, easily wearable post-pregnancy, but still with a bit of fun since I could make the sleeves contrast the bodies. As you see, I followed none of my plans. It turns out that my body (especially my belly) is changing size and shape faster than I imagined (I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve never done this whole pregnancy thing before!) and if I wanted to get at least a few months of wear out of what I sewed, then my original plan wasn’t going to work.

contrast bands on maternity dress

So I made 3 completely unrelated garments (because I never can do things the easy way). We’ll start with this dress which is a success in my book. The main fabric is a lovely viscose jersey and is quite lightweight with lots of drape, which does make it a bit clingier than I would usually choose for a dress so I added a bit of ease to compensate. (I think I’ll be able to wear it as a looser dress post-baby if I take out the gathering on the side. Time will tell.) I used a burnout jersey as contrast for the hem, sleeve hem, and hood. The burnout is also quite lightweight (as expected) so it’s a nice match for the viscose jersey. I love how it adds a bit of interest to the dress. I hemmed it separately and then sewed it to the dress as I was hemming the dress so it looks like it’s a separate layer underneath. Overall, cozy and comfy and secret pajamas – and secret pajamas are even more of a win when you’re preggers, I’m quickly learning!

drape cardigan back

Since none of the button front cardigans that I usually layer over my clothes will button at this point, I decided to make another drape front cardigan (since I’ve been wearing my grey version a ton). I used a foil rose print stretch jersey. I kinda adore the subtle rose print and have definitely been wearing the cardigan a lot, but I had a hard time figuring out what to do with the fabric initially – it’s more leotard material (though very lightweight and very sheer) than shirt material. But I think it works great for something oversized and drapey like this cardigan.

drape cardigan

I pulled the light purple from my stash for the sleeves since I didn’t have quite enough of the foil print to make the whole thing one fabric. I was hoping I could make the sleeves out of the raspberry jersey I used for the dress, but didn’t have quite enough of it either (since I also ordered it with completely different plans).

simplicity 1468 maternity top

And finally, my wrap maternity shirt. I want to love this, really I do. I do love the fabric. The thick n’ thin stripe jersey is a great weight and hand for a top (or dress, as I used it in red for my 80’s Stripe Dress and adored it then too). Unfortunately, I’m not sold on the pattern. I used Simplicity 1468 (designed by Megan Nielson). It’s essentially a bolero length top with ginormous tails that you wrap around your belly. I like that it easily adjusts to fit maternity bellies of all size. What I don’t like is that the finishing instructions in the pattern make for a wonky finish, it takes forever to sew because there are yards and yards of straps to hem (on both sides!), and it’s not easy to wrap those gigantic ties around your belly. On top of that, as I was wearing the shirt, Adam kept coming up to me and poking me where he found gaps of skin showing through the wraps (which slid around as I wore it) – NOT the look I was going for. I’ll work on my wrapping technique, which may fix the problem for future wearing, but I am a little bummed I used this fabric for this top because, as I said, I adore this jersey and I don’t love this top.

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  1. the green shirt looks great – too bad it’s so hard to wear! It is definitely challenging to sew for a quickly changing body, isn’t it? But I’m sure you’ll get a ton of use out of the dress and cardigan!

  2. So happy to see you feeling like sewing for yourself again. Would love to see you develop the dress into a pattern (preggers and nonpreggers versions.)

  3. I’m so happy that you’re sewing, I hope it means you feel better!

    Green suits you well, I’m sorry you spent all this time and pretty fabric and ended up with a shirt you dislike. Can you sew the bands to the shirt in a way that will prevent it from gaping?

  4. I had the same problem with sewing maternity clothes…it’s hard to predict what’s going to fit in two weeks! I actually bought the same Megan Nielsen maternity top but when I read the reviews, it seemed like everyone had the same issue with how to get the wraps to stay in place, so I ended up not making it. At least you know you’re not the only one? Maybe with a tank top underneath, there’d be something to increase the friction to hold the ties in place?

  5. Lovely pieces… if you can’t get the green stripe to work out, you may be able to cut it out post pregnancy making a regular tee with an overlap front, if that makes sense, for nursing purposes…

  6. Hi Erin not sure if you remember but we took blogcadamey together. Just wanted to send my congrats on finishing your PHD on for the new addition on the way! :) I hope you’re doing well and I have to say that window seat in the photos above looks like a total dream!

    1. Post

      Hi Alyson. Thanks so much for the sweet words! I adore my window seat :) it’s one of the things we fell in love with when we decided to buy our house. I hope all is well for you!

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