Solution for Sore Hands: Paraffin Bath

paraffin bath for knitters hands

When I’ve been knitting a lot, my hands get really sore. If I’m working on the computer too much, my hands get sore. Last month, I sent in a skirt to a magazine where I embroidered the entire hem in a very short period of time and my hands were so sore I couldn’t use them for a few days. I’m pretty brutal on my hands, I guess. A massage therapist friend of mine recommended that I start using a paraffin bath and it has been a godsend.

cold paraffin bath

I’ve been soaking my hands in a paraffin bath every evening and they are so much less sore! I did buy a paraffin bath kit although you can just pick up an old crock pot at the thrift store and some blocks of paraffin. I opted for the kit because it wasn’t very expensive, I didn’t see a crockpot when I went to the thrift store that week, and I liked that the temperature settings are specific for paraffin so I don’t have to keep a super close eye on it. If you do use an old crock pot, make sure that you turn it off as soon as the paraffin melts so that it doesn’t get too hot and burn your hands.

dip handds in paraffin bath

As soon as the paraffin gets hot enough that it melts, it’s the right temperature to dip your hands. Dip them multiple times, up and down out of the bath.

paraffin bath in mitts

Stick your hands into a plastic bag and then into a mitt. Oven mitts totally work, but these mitts came with the paraffin bath kit I bought. Then just sit around for a bit until the paraffin cools. The heat really soaks into your hands.

peeling paraffin off hands

The paraffin will peel right off your hands after it has cooled. The more paraffin you have on your hands, the easier it is to peel off. Although salons usually throw away the paraffin, if you wash your hands before using it, you can drop the paraffin right back into the bath.

Do you have other tips for taking care of sore hands?

*This post is not sponsored. I’m talking about paraffin baths since, as fellow makers, I thought you might find this informative, not because anyone asked me to. The links are affiliate links.*

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  1. Thanks Erin. Once again, I’m feeling eerily connected to you. For years, I had gel nails, which meant manicures every couple weeks. I am growing out the clear gel now, and my finger tips are getting so dry and rough. I will look into paraffin baths!!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing Erin, I sometimes get sore hands and I believe this will be a pretty good way to SPA-spoil them after a hard work day.
    One of the things I do for my face which also feels like SPA spoiling is washing it with a misture of 1:1 olive:caster oil and then clean it with a warm wet towel. I love how the steam from the towel relaxes my face and neck muscles. I totally recommend it if you haven’t tried it. ;)


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  3. In recent years I have developed arthritis in most of my joints. So this sounds great. Plan to try asap. Thanks for info.

  4. My knuckles swell and become painful in cold weather. I wear neoprene horse riding gloves in winter as they are so warm, quite presentable and not bulky. (I have a pair that are not allowed anywhere near horses. Lol)

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      Oh interesting – I’ve never actually heard of neoprene horse riding gloves. I’ll have to look into those. Although here in the Pacific Northwest our winters are pretty civilized – I’m usually plenty comfortable in a pair of wool mittens, even on the coldest days. Thanks for sharing!

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