Smile Together Sweatshirts


Even in challenging times, especially in challenging times, we must continue to create things of beauty and joy. I fully admit that these sweatshirts aren’t works of beauty. But they are certainly joyful.


I know nothing about the politics of the man working the checkout counter at Target, the woman waiting for coffee in line next to me at Starbucks, or my neighbors taking their dog for a walk. What I do know is that this sweatshirt made them each smile. We shared in a moment of togetherness, of community, of joy, because of giant furry cat noses. And I guess that does make this sweatshirt something beautiful.


If you can believe it, this ridiculous cat fabric came from the thrift store this week. Total serendipity and exactly what I needed. The contrast is a heavy t-shirt weight double knit I bought at Joanns and stashed forever ago, knowing I’d get around to sewing myself t-shirts eventually.


The fabric for my stegosaurus shirt was left over from my Dinosaur Dress (originally from Minerva Crafts) and waiting to be put to good use. The contrast fabric is the same as the cat sweatshirt in a different colorway. Both shirts were sewn using Simplicity 1317, a basic raglan tee pattern.


I am a pretty opinionated person, but I try really hard to keep politics off of my blog because I want it to be a happy place for everyone. Sewing unites us all. But given the current climate in the U.S., I do feel the need to speak out. It feels important to make very clear that I do not tolerate any -ism or -phobia that believes any human is less worthy than any other human. I do not tolerate it in my real life and I certainly don’t tolerate it in my happy little sewing corner of the internet.


I’m doing what little I can to make the world a better place. For me, part of that is wearing silly clothes as they encourage people to smile, to share in a moment of joy, to relate to each other, regardless of circumstances or political beliefs.


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  1. Those are great “fake it til you make it” shirts – shirts that make you look happy until you actually ARE happy! I love them both. But one more. Purr….!!!!

  2. Good on you…Great smile-inducing shirts – and a statement that brought a smile to a Brit who has felt doom on several occasions since June !

    1. Post
  3. what absolutely fab t shirts, and a great philosophy to boot. I love how you have the matching pink shoes in exactly the right shade to your amazing dinosaur t shirt (with the perfect pattern placement on the front).

  4. I have that fabric in a poly woven… I found it in a thrift store also, it was curtains. Inlove the dress I made and am still kicking myself for not buying it/them all…

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