Skinny High Waist Jeans

I made a pair of jeans! I don’t know why, but it finally struck me that I could sew a pair of jeans. While I never fear to tackle sewing just about anything, it just never crossed my mind that I could actually sew jeans. Apparently, after seeing the beautiful creations of Loran, CarolynLaurenSallieOh, and Tanit-Isis it finally sank into my head that I could do the same!

I found an old McCalls jeans pattern at the thrift store that I thought I would use for my pattern. However, half of the pieces were missing so ended up using the waistband and fly pieces and drafting my own for the rest of the jeans.

I’ve been on a kick of making high waisted items and loving the skirts and trousers that I made. However, I’m not sure that these are particularly flattering when worn with the waist visible. I think that, given I have hips, things that fit me at my natural waist need to not be fitted through the whole leg.

I’m quite proud of how nicely they fit through the rear, although there’s a little bit of extra fabric in the front that I’ll have to find a way to remove the next time I make jeans (and trust me, there will be a next time. Likely quite soon!).

I had one gigantic “Doh!” moment. As I was serging the crotch seams, I managed to catch the front of the jeans with my serger blade. Ugh. So, I pinched out the nick and put some decorative topstitching across the front of the jeans to disguise the blemish. I actually got compliments on the stitching when I wore the jeans into work so I think it did its job.

I made the decorative stitching on the front and the back pockets to look like a lowercase e. For erin, get it?

I found this fun button in my stash. Unfortunately, if I line up the waistband perfectly, the fly droops a bit. I think I’ll lift up the button to fix this, but it will mean the waistband no longer lines up. I’m not sure how I did this, but I’ll make sure to avoid it on the next batch. (I don’t care enough to rip off the waistband and sew it again). [Edit: I changed my mind. I do care enough to rip off the waistband. But I only need to rip a few inches and lower it down. And I don’t have to change the button that way and the waistband will line up! Now I just have to do it…]

I had a lot of fun topstitching and used my twin needle to full effect!

I did discover (which I would have known had I actually thought about it) that the underside of a twin needle seam is NOT two straight lines. (Duh, there’s only one bobbin thread). I only forgot this a few times while sewing the jeans. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson by now.

Oh yeah, I lined the pockets with another bit of the Guatemalan fabric that used on my cowgirl shirt.

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  1. Hi.
    So my style is rockabilly ( 50’s style) I haven’t been able to find a good pair of high waisted pants. Every pair I find either are not in my size cause I’m a little chubby or the leg part are too baggy. But this is always a problem with find pants for me. Because stores think that because I’m chubby in my mid section that I have huge legs and ankles. Any ways I would love to know how you made these. Do you have a pattern or a tutorial.

    1. Post

      I don’t have a pattern or tutorial for these, unfortunately as I totally drafted them for myself. I hear that Closet Case Files has a high waisted skinny jean pattern coming out very soon so you should check that out! Although sewing your own jeans gives you the flexibility to grade between sizes so you can use a larger size on your waist than you do through the legs. Good luck and happy sewing!

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