Dancing Skeleton Circle Skirt of Awesome

dancing skeleton print circle skirt
Circle skirts make for a pretty simple project but are perfect for showing off a fun fabric of which you have ample amounts. It turns out that I had ample amounts of this awesome cotton print of dancing skeletons wearing converse tennis shoes that I found at the thrift store. The absolute best part, that I didn’t know until I had the finished skirt hanging in the closet and happened to not close my closet door before going to bed – IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!! I totally freaked out when I saw that to the point that Adam was scared something was seriously wrong but it turns out I was just totally excited because it was totally awesomesauce!
straight waistband on circle skirt
I put in a straight 1.5″ waistband and a lapped side zipper. I opted for it to sit a bit below my natural waist (my natural waist is quite high) so that I could wear it with tucked or un-tucked tops.
synthetic horsehair in hem
I decided to give it a retro silhouette by making the length mid-calf. I also put synthetic horsehair in the hem which makes it quite easy to hem the circle skirt and gives it just enough structure so that the bottom of the skirt maintains a gentle ripple instead of bunching up on itself.
retro length circle skirt from cotton skeleton print

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  1. Glow in the dark! Your skirt turned out great – I like that you designed it to sit a bit lower. I have a high waist too, and sometimes it feels like skirts are ridiculously high!

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