Size Selection for Monster Wear Hat and Mittens

The Monster Wear sizes are unisex and both Hat and Mittens are designed to have ease, so you don’t need to feel too worried about picking the right size. I talk through picking the right size hat and mittens in the video above, so give it a watch if you’re into that sort of thing.


The hat is sized by measuring around the head on the line where a hat would sit. Because the hat is hood-style and therefore loose fitting, most adults will fit into the Small/Medium. If you have big hair or if you have a much larger than average head (like my husband who can’t ever find hats large enough in stores), you will want to pick the Large/Extra-Large.


The hands are sized by measuring around the upper palm of the hand at its widest point. Make sure that you can wiggle your fingers around comfortably – the tape measure should not be so tight that you can’t move your hand at all. If you’re sewing these for someone whose hand you can’t measure in person, you should be able to make an educated guess since the mittens have some ease in them – you want to wear them a bit loose for comfort. The mittens have generous finger and thumb length (since I have very long fingers), so you only need to worry about adding length if you have very, very long fingers.


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