Size Selection and Grading the Conifer Skirt


Size Selection: If your body measurements don’t put you in a single size for SeamstressErin Designs, most women should select the size of your Conifer Skirt based on your hip measurements. The exception to this rule is if your waist size is more than one size larger than your hip size. Then you should select the pattern based on your waist size. Bust size has no effect on the sizing or fit of this pattern.

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Wearing: The Conifer Skirt is sized to fit on the low waist with the hips 6″ below the waistline of the skirt. However, because the skirt has a soft A-line shape, you don’t need to change anything about the shape of the skirt to wear it higher or lower on the body. If you want to wear the skirt higher, you may want to go down a size although you can also simply adjust the elastic in the final steps to fit. Remember that by raising or lowering where the skirt fits on your body, you are affecting the hemline as well, so if you choose to wear the skirt closer to your natural waist, you will want to lengthen the hemline to achieve the same length fit.

Ease: The pattern is built with 1″ of negative ease at the waist and 2″ of negative ease through the hips. (Negative ease means that the garment is smaller than the body by that amount). If you don’t like to wear your skirt fitted or if there isn’t as much stretch in your fabric as called for, go up a size.


Grading: Most women won’t need to grade the Conifer Skirt pattern. Because the waistband is elastic, your waist can comfortably be one size larger or two sizes smaller than your hip size without any need to grade. If you do need to grade the pattern, it’s quite simple. Measure 6 5/8″ down from the top of the skirt Front/Back (where the hip is measured on the pattern (6″ + seam allowance)). From there, you can grade between sizes between the hip and waist line. Remember that if you make adjustments to the Front/Back, you will need to adjust Layer 1 in the same way (if you are sewing View A or B). Make sure that you select the waistband piece size that corresponds to the size that you have graded to at the waistline and the layers size that corresponds to the size that you have graded from at the hip.

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