Silk Tunic Blouse

Raw Silk Blouse

For Mother’s Day this year I made my mom a tunic blouse, just like her Sew Grateful for Mom blouse. This time I used a lightweight undyed silk that my cousin bought for me in Bangladesh years ago (Over 10 years old and it has been sitting in my stash since. That definitely makes this a stashbuster!).

striped silk blouse shoulder

The silk was divine to sew with. I got such crisp seams, it pressed beautifully, and yet it still has some drape. It seems like every time I sew with silk I’m surprised by how much I love working with it. Note to self: you like silk. A lot.

Tunic Blouse Natural

The back and sides have slits. It is interesting comparing this blouse to the exact same blouse in rayon. The silk does have a bit of drape, but nowhere near as much as the rayon. One noticeable difference is that the sleeves look shorter on this version. They aren’t, but the fact that the rayon drapes so much and the silk still has a bit of crispness does make a difference.

Underarm gusset

For the arms I didn’t have quite enough fabric to cut the whole width so I changed the pattern a bit to include a gusset. All the seams are french seams so they are stable and finished on the inside. It was a little fussy to sew the french seam around the inset sleeve, but I got it to work well in the end.

Moms Silk Blouse

Like last time, I used a selection of vintage mother-of-pearl buttons. I also made sure to add a pocket since my mom is always carrying things around in her pocket. We tell her to keep her cell phone on her, but you’re just as likely to find a tape measure, some thread, a booklet of needles and dog treats.

mom acting silly

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