Sewing Organizers Made by Mom

hand sewing organizer inside full

My mom is super crafty. I’ve mentioned before that she’s an amazing quilter. But she’s also pretty amazing at anything she does with her hands. She just texted me some photos of a project that she made this week – little booklets to organize hand sewing materials.

needle organizer booklets

The fabric choices are so fun, and very much my mother. You can see her experienced eye as a quilter in joining disparate patterned fabrics to make a beautiful ensemble. My mom loves detail and buttons as much as I do, so here she’s got a button closure and a button on the end of the strap. (Sorry about the fuzziness of the photo. She texted me cell phone photos, so this is what I had to work with!).

The pattern she used is from Quilts and More Magazine, Winter 2011.

sitching notion organizer

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  1. Pretty! I love those fabrics! My mom made me a little sewing kit shaped like a watermelon slice a long time ago. It just holds tiny scissors and needles, but I still have it :)

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