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EDIT: Read about the awesome impact we made over the course of one week at /sewing-community-gives-2017-summary.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how we can leverage our awesome sewing community for positive change in the world. As I’m sure most of you know, the American presidential inauguration is this week (January 20th) and there have been very divisive feelings in our country regarding differences of political opinion. I know that there have been contentious political events in many countries this past year. I’d like to use the inauguration as an excuse for us as individuals and us as a community to make the statement that, no matter what our political beliefs, we care about each other and we care about our world. We are a community.

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To show that we, as a community of sewists, care about each other and care about the world, I’m asking each of us to pledge a donation this week. Where? It’s up to you. How much? It’s up to you. When? Pledge this week (January 16th-22nd). Give your time or money soon. Find a local or global organization that you believe deserves your support. Whether that means spending an hour at your daughter’s kindergarten or giving $1000 to Doctors Without Borders, it’s up to you. Whatever you do will be a statement that you want to do something positive for your world. It’s a statement that we, as a diverse community, may have differences, but we all believe in sewing and we all believe in making the world a better place.

Fill out this survey to let me know what you’ve pledged (time or money) and I will tally the amount that our sewing community has pledged over the course of a week so we can celebrate the huge impact we can make when we join together! (Please make sure to add your pledge into the survey and not just in the comments so that it’s easier for me to tally everything).

To help encourage participation, and to show their support for our community, 25 awesome independent sewing pattern designers from all over the world (including Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, the Netherlands, and the USA) to have agreed to donate a selection of .pdf sewing patterns as a prize! I’ve bundled the patterns into 5 separate prize packs of  5 designers each so that 5 sewists can win!!! Enter your email address when you make your pledge for a chance to win (it will be anonymized after the survey ends). Prize patterns have been donated by Blue Dot PatternsBlueprints for Sewing, Closet Case PatternsDixie DIY, Fehr TradeHelen’s ClosetHey June, How to Do Fashion, Iconic PatternsJennifer Lauren Handmade, Made by RaeMegan NielsenMIY Collection, Named, Paprika Patterns, Patterns For PiratesSeamstressErin DesignsSew House Seven, Sew Over It, So Zo, Thread Theory, Tribe PatternsWaffle Patterns, 100 Acts of Sewing, and 5 out of 4.

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Want some suggestions about organizations? Here’s a short list of international organizations that I’ve heard about that work to promote causes that are near and dear to our hearts as (mostly) women sewists. I encourage you to seek out more local organizations and please share in the comments if you have suggestions.
International Folk Art Alliance – providing opportunities, education, and clean water to folk artists and their communities
Women for Women – helps marginalized women in areas affected by war & conflict
Clean Clothes Campaign – improving working conditions & empowering garment factory workers
The Sewing Machine Project – internationally provides sewing machines to groups in need, locally provides free sewing classes



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TL;DR We are a community who cares about each other and others. Donate your time or money to show this. Let me know how much you’ve pledged to donate so we can celebrate as a community. Win sewing patterns as a thank you. #sewingcommunitygives

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  1. Such a brilliant plan! You clever lady, bringing us all together. I’m going to have to think about my pledge!

  2. This is awesome. And so important. I give every month to a scholarship fund for queer kids. So they know the community cares.

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  3. I have been donating a portion of the proceeds from iron on patch and heating pad sales to provide menstrual health products for organizations that support homeless, underhoused or impoverished individuals.

  4. Hi Erin,

    I pledge every month to Greenpeace and Amnesty. We also support 2 or 3 local charities each year with free yurt hire (we make yurts, which includes sewing covers) for their events. In 2016 we supported Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Greenpeace and a local fund to raise money for a man in our community who was injured in a motorbike accident.

    I also do bits and bobs of sewing, crochet, knitting etc. for a local refugee charity and I have run a couple of ‘craftivist’ sewing workshops to raise awareness in environmental issues.

    Are you aware of the Craftivist Collective? They are a pretty awesome group based in London who do group sewing direct action. For example they embroidered messages about fair working practices on handkerchiefs and sent them to clothing manufacturers to protest about appalling conditions for workers in Indian and Bangladeshi factories.

    Sorry, this makes me sound ever so pious! I am mostly a boring consultant and run a business but I do hope that one day I can do much more of this kind of awareness raising work. Personally, I have found that making things and the community of people who make things are very important in my own mental health and happiness.

    Much love and best wishes, Mary (www.yarntangler.com)

  5. I donate every month to Nurture Project (discovered them not very long ago). They are supporting mothers and babies/kids in refugee camps. This is such a huge issue. Those people have fled war zones and have to face such harsh times… Right now in Greece temperatures are below 0°C and people live in tents :-( And it is the same of course for some people in Paris and all over France. Sometimes it is just overwhelming…
    I also monthly donate to a French (am French :-)) charity (Fondation Perce-Neige) supporting disabled children and their parents. And finally a charity helpind find homes for disabled cats and dogs (most of them coming from abusive homes or just left in the wild).

  6. There is also Sew Powerful Purse project. They collect purses made from the pattern provide on the website. Those purses are then shipped to Zambia and fill with hygiene supplies and distributed to the girls. It helps keep them in school.


  7. This is a wonderful idea. I’m not pledging any extra, as I do give regularly to many places both in my area and around the world.
    However, one of the most recent ways I’ve started giving as a sewist, is doing sewing for a charity called Days For Girls, which creates hygiene kits for vulnerable girls all over the world, it helps keep them in school and educated them on their monthly cycle.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to share.

  8. Giving is such an important part of being an active part in your community. Thank you for reminding everyone that while we are each small, every minute and dollar counts!

  9. Such a great idea. I sponsor a girl in Somalia and money is given to her community so it benefits the whole community rather than just one child. I also support CAFOD

  10. I am a maker! A knitting group gathers at Maine Access Immigrant Network (MAIN) making hats and baby blankets from donated needles and yarn, all the while building community! One lovely lady shares her Henna art with anyone who want to add a little glamour to their week! I support MAIN and we will be walking together as community this Saturday, where women from Maine, both locally and in DC will be sporting pink hats! It’s all about building community, and making (which in my world is about making clothes, art, healthy food, yoga poses and spreading optimism everyday) is a great way to connect and make the world a better place!

  11. I combine charity support and sewing! I started as a volunteer seamstress for Angel Gowns Australia a few years ago. From donated wedding dresses we make little gowns and sleeping bags & bonnets which we then gift to hopitals so parents have clothes to dress their babies in that they cannot take home. Stillborn babies are often preterm and too small for regular babies clothes – we provide them with something beautiful to dress their babies before they have to say goodbye. I started helping this charity after two friends had miscarriages – after my recent own lost pregnancy it means even more to me to help other bereaved parents.

  12. I pledge each month to NSPCC as I want other children who are so lost and frighten to be helped to make their lives better and their future happier. All children have a right to safety and happiness.
    This is a great idea to allow a strong community to give back. Brilliant.

  13. What a marvelous idea, thank you!

    We donate monthly to the gay and lesbian alliance in our city. And I just discovered a local sewing non-profit (!!!) and have only joined their online group. They collect scraps to keep them out of the landfill, among many other things.

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      1. Hi Erin,

        Here is the link to the website. https://www.sewgreenrochester.org/

        At this point, I’ve only joined their fb group, but planning to check into a class in the next few days (they have one for fitting!), or donate some scraps when I gather a substantial pile. I was pleasantly surprised to find them, there is a shortage of anything for dressmakers here in Rochester (mostly available for quilters).

        I think you’re doing a grand thing here, rallying the sewing community. I’ve found them to be a very supportive group. And wasn’t a delight to see all the IG sewists marching??!!!

  14. I donate time and my studio for fundraising or charity sewing, usually covering the costs of supplies and have the community come in and learn to sew up projects, so far I have done events to make weighted blankets for families that can not afford them for their autistic child(ren), teddy bears for our local Children’s hospital and a clothing/diaper drive for local families in need. I believe to be a community member and/or business it is my duty to support my community in anyway I can! :)

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      What a great assortment of projects. How wonderful that you’ve found a way to incorporate sewing into your charitable giving. Thanks for being a caring member of our great community!

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