Sewing a New Picture for Our Dining Room

fabric canvas over mid century credenza

I just sewed us a new picture for our dining room. See it here above our beautiful credenza. The canvas has had a couple of different different lives. I painted it with a gigantic flower when I lived in my pink and green apartment. When Adam and I moved in together, he didn’t want our home to be painted pink and green (go figure!). So I painted over the canvas in a blown-up version of the purple twigged fabric. It looked okay, but it was pretty amateur and the black marker I had used to outline the flower leeched through the new layers of paint. I have grand ideas for a triptych that I want to embroider to go in that space, but it’s not at the top of my “To Make” list any time soon. I’m not sure where the inspiration struck me, but I realized that I could do something about the canvas in the meantime.

fabric stapled on canvas

It was really quite simple. I sewed two scrap pieces of fabric together on a straight seam, making sure that they together would be at least a few inches larger than the canvas. I ironed the fabric, laid it on the floor, and laid the canvas down on top of it, everything face down. Then I pulled the fabric up and staple-gunned it to the back of the canvas. I made sure that the fabric was taught but not stretched. I trimmed one side where I had a bunch of excess fabric, and I hung it up. Simple as that.

fabric sewn onto canvas