Sew Grateful For Mom Blouse

mom in hippy blouse My sew grateful project is for my mom. Who better to show my appreciation than the woman who sewed my clothes as a kid, let me raid her fabric stash when I decided I wanted to start sewing as a tween, and taught me how to read a pattern and do things right when I finally had the patience to ask for help as a teenager.

hippy blouse grey batik

I made this pattern for my mom based on a RTW blouse that she loves. I gave her this fabric in a box for Christmas along with several sketches of possible blouses it could become and promised her that I would make it into whatever she wanted.

mother of pearl buttons

I put a row of different mother-of-pearl buttons down the front of the blouse and one on the vent in the back. The top button and back button are vintage (1930’s I think) that my mom had and wanted featured on the blouse.

hippy blouse back

The back has a center seam so that there could be a placket for drape and comfort. Most of the pieces are rectangles, so it was pretty simple construction. I serged all the seams inside and topstitched them down with light gray thread.

batik blouse side vent

The sides also have plackets.

hippy blouse shoulder and yoke

I added an interior yoke facing and both front facings to the blouse to give it strength and a little bit of structure.

I’m very proud of the construction on this blouse and I think it meets my 2013 goal of perfection. Oh, and to make it even better, this is a stashbusting project! The fabric was a gift from a friend, for which I am also sew grateful. When I was given this fabric I immediately knew it needed to be something for my mom because she loves batiks and this is the exact range of colors that makes her eyes sparkle!

mom closeup in hippy blouse

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