SeamstressErin Designs in Be Creative with Workbox January/February 2017

I was honored to be featured in the January/February 2017 issue of Be Creative with Workbox, a UK based magazine that is new to me. The magazine focuses on textile based art and I greatly enjoyed reading through it and being inspired by art that I wouldn’t usually encounter as, when I do pick up magazines, they are usually focused on garment sewing.

The main article about me was in regards to my blog. It was part of a regular series they have called “creative bloggers”. I talked about how my blog has come full circle. It started as a way to share crafty projects that I made in my precious spare time during graduate school, became an important nexus of friendship for me as I connected with friends near and far through blogging about sewing, then it served as a springboard to launch my pattern business. At the time of the interview, my blog was back where it started – a place to catalog what I managed to create in my spare time as a new mother while I was on maternity leave. It was fun for me to reflect on how much blogging has meant to me over the years as I wrote the article.

I had a bit about “Creative Crushes” where I shared things that I’m currently crushing on. I flaunt my love of sewing with Abby Glassenberg’s Sewist pin and my sewing supplies phone case. I love to organize things and crush on archival comic book storage for my sewing patterns. Every fall I go on an apple cake bender and Smitten Kitchen has published one of my all-time favorites. I also talked about my latest obsession for my studio – a standing desk. I really enjoy being able to stand to work at my computer. I find I’m much more concscious of my posture when standing and it’s much easier to pop back and forth between my cutting table, sewing table, and computer when I have the standing desk – and I found a company that makes sturdy, motorized desks for waaaaaay cheaper than most.

I’m curious if any of you are familiar with the magazine? Though mostly focused on what I tend to think of as art quilts, which I find interesting to look at but not usually personally inspirational, I did particularly enjoy a cute purse pattern (from Signature Bags by Michelle Golightly), an article on up and coming milliner Mark Garvie, and an interview with Cindy Thompson, a woman that makes very impressive needle felted sculptures of dogs that are sure to delight the furry animal lovers among us :)

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