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fuchsia tulle circle skirt central park

I’m calling this skirt Silliness and the City (or SATC for short). Because clearly, the thing that I needed in my wardrobe to prepare for a week spent in New York City is a puffy fuchsia tulle skirt. I wore it almost every day and absolutely adored it.

fuchsia tulle circle skirt 2

It’s the perfect wardrobe staple that carries from daytime wear with a t-shirt and slip-ons to a night on the town with a sexy top and heels. Okay, I understand it’s not a wardrobe staple for everyone, but for me, this is gonna be a workhorse!

satin waistband on fuchsia tulle circle skirt

The fabric was given to me by White Tree Fabrics. It’s a circle skirt with a bottom layer of cerise poly satin and 5 layers of tulle (what they call hexagon pure net) on top. White Tree has an overwhelming selection of nets, but I emailed with them about what I wanted to sew and what color I wanted and they sent me swatches of several suggestions which made selecting the fabric a breeze.

fuchsia tulle circle skirt hem

I opted to sew a plain 1″ waistband, stabilized with a ribbon inside, and a standard zipper. The tulle and satin are sewn as one for the waistband and zipper insertion but are kept separate for the remainder of the side seams to maximize puffiness. I cut the satin underlayer shorter than the tulle by several inches so that the tulle-ness was emphasized at the bottom of the skirt. The nice thing about a skirt like this is that you don’t need to hem the tulle, so even though there is 6 layers of circle skirt, the hemming isn’t too big a job!

fuchsia tulle circle skirt

I will admit that I’m not 100% sold on my final skirt – it doesn’t quite meet my vision. The problem? It’s not puffy enough! I opted for a circle skirt to minimize bulk at the waist, but I didn’t quite picture how nicely (i.e. flatly) the layers of tulle would lay on top of each other. I love the way it looks as I move, and it spins stunningly, but I want more puff at the bottom when I stand still. Fortunately, I have a couple of ideas for how I can improve it. I did a horrible hemming job on the satin since I was in a frantic rush to get it done in time for my trip (and I knew it wouldn’t be seen under the layers of tulle) so I am going to go back and re-hem it with horsehair to give more volume at the hem. Additionally, I’m going to add a couple of partial layers of tulle, gathered and sewn on to the other tulle layers near the bottom so that the tulle doesn’t lay flat on itself.


I realized after I had received my tulle that I made a total bonehead mistake when calculating the fabric requirements and ordered way too much tulle. Although the skirt was too long to cut the half-circles directly across from each other on the the fabric [A], I didn’t have to put them all sideways as I originally calculated [B]. Instead, they can nest next to each other [C], saving lots of fabric. Doh! So, I have a bunch of extra tulle and am considering what to do with it. Happy to take any suggestions!


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  1. This one is epic!!

    I thought I have my wedding dress all planned but now I can’t get the thought of a pink fuchsia tulle skirt out of my mind. With a white halter tank maybe it will pass as proper wedding outfit…? (and ye, I remember you pink wedding dress!)

  2. I have the strongest urge to own a big pink tulle skirt now! I’m going to bookmark your post so I can make one that’s not super poofy – yours is perfect.
    I don’t have any ideas for the extra, but don’t get rid of it. You may have the perfect idea pop into your head in the middle of the night and you’ll want to have it around. You know what I mean. ;)

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  3. What a fun skirt to wear in NYC! You fit in by standing out. I love how no one is looking at you as you pose. That would never happen in Montana. :)

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  4. For more poof!, you could add about an 8″ wide ruffle of the tulle to the underside of a few of the inner tulle layers of the skirt, as well as the horsehair braid to the lining layer. Flatlining the satin skirt with organza would also add a bit more body to support the fullness you’re looking for.

  5. Hope you had fun in my fair and totally nutso city! Unusual behavior is totally ignored here. Plus, it’s a rule…don’t mess with the photo shoot!

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