Salvage Bra Parts

I’ve been thinking about bras a lot recently. I haven’t bought a new bra in a few years which means that my old bras have worn out. As in “OMG these are falling apart and underwires are poking out and into me and is it really possible that my cup size has gone up well I guess I have put on weight in the last few years and these straps are so stretched out they won’t stay on my shoulder ugh!” So, I bought a couple of new bras and threw all of my old ones out.

And then I immediately reached into the garbage and pulled them all out. Thinking of recent posts by AichaCarolynMadalynne, and Steph about sewing bras, I figured that I would salvage the findings. This meant removing the underwire, the hook and eye sets, and the little metal things that go on the straps (I’m sure they have an actual name, but, having not actually sewn a bra, I don’t know it).

A couple of notes about salvaging parts. You don’t want to use the hook and eye sets on the fabric that they are already sewn into. Notice how this bit of the bra is stretched out and no longer a rectangle. To use the hook and eye sets, you’ll need to cut them out of this part of the bra and re-sew them into a new strap. However, it’s convenient for storage to leave them in the fabric. Also, you’ll want to check the ends of your underwires. You’ll notice that the cap on the end of this underwire has worn off so it will need a new cap before insertion in to a new bra.

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  1. A few of my friends bras broke in the front where the bra brackets were attached to the cups. We didn’t know the name of the part or how to replace it.

  2. I have several expensive bras and almost all have a broken underwire. Where can I buy these?

  3. Please help! I am a petite, slender woman who developed breasts very early. They aren’t enormous (thankfully!) but still large for my frame. I usually wear size 2 clothes and am 5’2.5″ tall. My breasts have always been “very dense” as doctor’s have told me. This translates to heavy, sagging, bouncy breasts that have plagued me since I was 12. I have always worn (now searching high and low) bras with shoulder straps with little to no stretch and unlined, little to no stretch cups. I was happy for years with minimizers that were PERFECT. A 32″ band is usually best but very difficult to find so I end up with a 34. Bras used to be made differently and a B or C cup was perfect for me, giving me the support and firmness I needed. It has become impossible to find a bra. As I get older my breasts sag more and I am now using a “Bra-Lief” strap across the back of the straps to give me the lift and support I need. I still have 3 Bali minimizers in 34 C and wear only those bras. I really dislike any bra that enhances the projection size of my breasts and that makes me feel as if they are bouncing with every step I take. I hate bra shopping and have been fitted with everything from a C to E cup and after I buy them I wear them once and stick them in a bag in my closet. I do not want or need a molded cup. None of the bras I try on or the few I’ve purchased to try to replace my old ones give me enough lift, protrusion and bounce control. I have heard about people who can custom make bras. Can you help me or refer me to someone? I would love to buy a bra from a store but for the past 6-7 years I have been unsuccessful in finding anything anywhere that gives me enough support and holds my breasts firmly in place. I live in Irvine, CA 92614 (Southern CA). I am nearest to Newport Beach and about 40 minutes from San Diego. I could also go into Los Angeles but can only get there on the weekend. Thank you so much for anything you can do to help. I am desperate for replacement bras. I have also kept a lot of my old bras and maybe that would be helpful for design and fabric guides. Debbie

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