Knit Robe as Bridal Shower Gift

light weight pink grey stripe robe

My go-to present for every wedding shower and bachelorette party is a handmade robe. It’s a garment that’s easy to make for others, can be alluring without being overly sexy, and is both pretty and functional. This week I had a joint wedding shower with my godsister Rachel (who gets married this weekend!), thrown for us by my mom (her godmother) and her mom (my godmother) so I got the chance to whip up a robe for the occasion.

sheer knit robe

The fabric is a light weight knit that I had stashed. It is quite loosely knit, giving it a sheerness that is a little bit sexy. But, there’s just enough warmth and coverage to make it functional as well. A major win in my book! The great thing is that each time I sew a robe I use totally different fabric so that it comes out completely personalized for its recipient.

light weight knit robe

I never use a pattern to make robes, instead following the same basic layout I’ve explained in the past. I finished the front and neck edges with a length of the knit cut on grain and used like a double-fold bias tape, stitched with a wide zig-zag to make sure that I caught the binding on both sides (although the stitching nicely disappeared into the knit).

Do you have a go-to gift to sew for a bridal showers or bachelorette parties? Am I silly for sewing the same thing every time?

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  1. I always make something by hand. What I make, specifically, varies a lot, depending on the bride (or groom) to be. I have made Christmas ornaments, lace shawls, hand embroidered picture mats, afghans, and a thong knitted from candy laces (the last went along with a much more serious gift). I love the idea of making a robe!

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  2. Ooo la la! This is a great gift idea! I love slight sheer element of this fabric. It’s definitely a little bit sexy without being overt.

  3. What an excellent idea! I’ve been on a fabric slipper making kick and adding robes to the repertoire would also help knock down the fabric stash. The one you are modeling is lovely!

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