Red White and Blue Kat Sundress

fourth of july

Happy 4th of July everybody! For the first time ever, as of yesterday, I live in a small town for the 4th of July! I’m so excited to go over to my mom’s house to set off fireworks on her beach! My man, who grew up in Southern California, is sooooo excited about the fireworks since he never got them as a kid and his enthusiasm is certainly contagious!

red white and blue kat sundress

Speaking of being in a small town, one day in to living here we had our first small-town experience. We had a massage therapist give us both massages today to help us shake some of the stress from what turned out to be a nightmare move (our moving truck no-showed on the day of our move!). The masseuse was talking with Adam about riding bikes and mentioned a man who lives on Tramp Harbor and works at the pharmacy on the island and is an amazing bicyclist – yeah, that’s my stepdad!

red white and blue kat sundress 6

To celebrate the 4th, I’m wearing my red white and blue Kat sundress by Grainline patterns. I’m not sure why this dress didn’t get more love in the blogosphere. Okay, a few guesses – it’s a little different style than most of Jen’s patterns, it’s not an easy sew (but button plackets and zippered flies aren’t easy), and there are so many different sun dress options out there, and it’s not available in a wide range of sizes. But really and truly, this a great dress.

red white and blue kat sundress 3

This dress is great for me. Since I recently discovered sweetheart necklines, I want to sew them into everything! A small fitted bodice, a full skirt, and an empire waist makes a winning combination on my body. I also love the fact that the dress has enough design elements to make it unique.

back of kat sundress

I sewed the dress out of quilting cottons that were my grandmother’s. I had to get creative with my cutting to make them fit and so some of the pieces are cross-grain and the bottom hem stripe is a different blue print. But I love the patchy combination and I love that I’m able to use things that were my grandmother’s.

inside of faced and lined kat sundress

The dress hem has a large facing to give it a bit of structure, and the skirt is lined. I made both facing and lining out of the white cotton voile left over from my Ph.D. dress. The body is lined the fashion fabric.

boning channel and understitching

The bodice is boned to give it structure. The instructions have you sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance and then stitch the seam allowances down at 3/8″ to make casings for the boning, discarding the casing that comes with the boning – so much easier to get a clean straight insertion! As with her other patterns, Jen has great instructions and solid garment construction.

red white and blue kat sundress 5

The only thing that I don’t love about the finished dress is that there is always a horizontal fold in the dress in the skirt at the center front where the bodice has a sharp curve. Does anybody have any ideas about how to prevent this? If I make the dress again, I’d like to fix that and the fact that my hem is a bit higher in the back than the front for the dress to go over my butt – an easy fix.

red white and blue kat sundress 2

I hope you all have a lovely holiday and some time to celebrate! I got my sewing machine set up today and am so excited to get back to making things! A house feels like a home once it has its sewing machines up and running, right?

red white and blue kat sundress 4

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  1. woo! I love your version!! I’ve made this dress too and loved making it. my version didnt have the horizontal creasing, my guess is that is your angle the pleat more outwards, there will be a little room there, and may eliminate the crease. just an amateur’s guess though!

  2. Ahh it’s so nice! I love the look of this pattern but I don’t think it’s my style, mainly because of the empire waist. Plus it doesn’t go up into my size – and interestingly, because of this, she’s discontinuing the pattern!

    The only thing I can think of to fix the horizontal fold is to take it out as a fold on the pattern – right now there’s too much fabric there so it’s folding in with your body when you bend over. If you took it out it would “skim” over that dip at/above your waist

  3. What a perfect 4th July dress. The combination of your grandma’s ditsy cotton prints is so pretty and the shape really is perfect on you. Definitely a dress for bare feet, flower picking and cherry pie eating.

  4. Cute! I’ve currently got this pattern right near the top of my things-I-want-to-make list, so was rather happy to see it pop up on your blog, as I’ve hardly seen any of them out there. :-)

    Love your fabric combo – utterly adorable!

  5. What a perfect patriotic dress! This silhouette is definitely a winner on you! I love your floral fabric, too, as the mixture of colors and prints. Sad to see you leave CA, but it sounds pretty awesome where you’ve moved to!

  6. This is such a sweet dress, and you definitely look festive! Your small town looks absolutely perfect. I really love each version of this dress that I see (when they do come up!), but it’s the straplessness that prevents me from purchasing. Maybe I should anyway, though, before it’s discontinued, as it’s certain to be that Perfect Pattern I Previously Overlooked sometime!

    1. Post

      It’s not too hard to add straps to a strapless dress, which I’m actually considering doing on another version of the dress so that it’s just a bit more care-free to wear.

  7. This is so pretty and carefree. Lovely that you could use your grandmother’s fabric. And I’m rather jealous of fireworks on a beach, that sounds so idyllic. I hope you get settled in after that stressful journey.

  8. First of all, welcome back to the PNW! That’s terrible about your moving truck but I’m glad it somehow worked out. I love your dress! Very summery & festive without being over the top. It’s on my to do list but I’ve yet to finalize my fabric choice.

  9. This is really pretty and perfect for the 4th of July! I have always liked this pattern and made sure to snatch it up before it was discontinued. I do wonder why there aren’t more out there, because every version I’ve seen has been good!

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