Red Scalloped High Waist Pencil Skirt

red and black blouse with pencil skirt

I added scallops to the pattern I made from Gertie’s New Book to make a red pencil skirt, just in time for Valentine’s Day. (Yes, I just posted this picture a few days ago, but that was about the blouse and this is about the skirt, so you get to see it again!) While I’m always drawn to patterns, I think that a solid colored pencil skirt (or a few!) will be a nice addition to my wardrobe as I can easily pair patterned tops with a solid bottom. And the scallops give it a bit of personality that it might otherwise lack.

Scalloped waistband hair canvas insideConstruction was quite similar to my previous pencil skirt, but not quite as perfect. I did face the waistband with hair canvas. However, when planning this skirt I had kind of forgotten that the fabric was cheap and not particularly deserving of perfection. So, I took a few shortcuts that I didn’t use on the previous skirt. One was that I didn’t add boning to the waistband. I think it stays up fine. Not as immaculately as with boning, but the hair canvas gives quite a bit of structure.

Red Pencil skirt rear viewI inserted an invisible zipper by machine instead of hand-picking as the last skirt. I thought that the pink zipper I had in my stash would blend in more than it seems to in photos. Oops. Not worth it to replace it with another zipper. I think I made the back slit a bit shorter than preferable as well. Again, the more I worked with this fabric the more I regretted buying cheap fabric in the first place (oh, how many times I have said this) so I’ll call this a very wearable muslin and perhaps I will remake it again in the future. Perhaps.

red scalloped skirt hem facingTo add the scallops to the bottom, I made a facing from a 6″ strip of fabric. I traced the scallops along the bottom, sewed them with right sides together, made copious notches in the seam allowances, and turned the facing to the inside. I underlined the skirt and hand stitched the facing to the underlining. I’m not thrilled with the shape of all of the scallops. I think I tried to make too many too small and in the future I will make them wider so they have a better chance of looking softer and less pointy.

red scalloped high waistbandI kept the increase in height from the side of the waistband to the center front which meant that the scallops are slightly different widths and heights, but I kind of like the effect. I think it looks a bit like a crown. Like the hem scallops, next time I think I’ll make fewer so they can be wider and a bit softer.

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