Red Robin Hood Hat

This hat is interesting enough that it’s not just another beanie but it’s also a quick knit that’s easy enough you can knit it in the dark. Yes, you can literally knit it in the dark. I speak from experience. I knit it sitting on the floor of Evelyn’s nursery in the dark when we were sleep training her. Okay, it wasn’t pitch black – I had a small, red plastic dinosaur nightlight, but that didn’t give me much more than the ability to see where my knitting was on the floor.

I knit the hat in November and finally got around to blocking it and adding the buttons in the beginning of December. I wore it often through December and absolutely adored the green buttons on the red hat. But now that it’s not Christmas time any more, do you think the red and green combo still works? Does it shout “Christmas”? Or just “warm hat”? Should I change out the buttons for something else to get through the rest of the season?

The pattern is Robin Hood by Grace Akhrem. It’s knit like a standard stockinette beanie from the top down. The stitches are left live on the needle while you cast on to another needle and start knitting garter stitch around for the band, picking up the live stitches as you go. It’s finished by sewing the band shut and adding two buttons. It’s a great project for anyone fairly new to knitting but ready to try some new skills or for more experienced knitters who want a project that works for knitting on the floor in the dark.

The yarn is Cascade Yarns Cloud and was left over from my Hetty Cardigan. It’s squishy and warm and I’m a fan. It’s kind of fun to have a hat to match my sweater exactly and I’ve worn them together a bunch (and wore them both over and over with my Christmas Shirt in December, though that’s been retired until next December).

The hat has a tiny bit of slouch in the top but I kind of wish it had more. I like the look of slouchy hats on myself better than tightly fitted ones. It would be quite easy to add more slouch by just knitting the top a bit longer before casting on for the band. I’ll do that if there is a next time, though I usually prefer to knit more complicated things.

Can we go off topic for a moment and adore my purple hair? I’ve had just about every other color of hair, but for some reason never purple. I was digging through the bathroom cabinet a couple of days ago looking for my neti pot (since I’ve been knocked flat with a miserable cold) and stumbled across purple hair dye that I bought with Adam a long time ago when I talked him into letting me dye his hair but it was never used since he changed his mind before we got home. I had just put Evie down for a nap and needed something to pick me up since I was grumpy about losing a week to being sick. So I dyed my hair purple and I like it! I tend to go darker with my hair in the winter and I’m digging the combo of chocolate and purple enough that I think I’ll stick with it for a while (though “a while” is a rather flexible term as far as my hair color is concerned).

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  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR. And the hat :) Although I do think I’d swap the buttons out for now– I think it’s pretty Christmas-y. Super cute though :)

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  2. Hi Erin. Love your hair, love your hat and love your lipstick! Great colour matching. If you do decide to change out the buttons let us know what you choose. Personally, I love that colour combo and I think you could wear it anytime, especially with “non-Christmas” clothing (and more of that fab lipstick ????).

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      It is a pretty great red lipstick, isn’t it? A while ago I went and bought 5 shades of red lipstick at the drug store and this was the winner ;)
      The problem with changing out the buttons is I can’t decide what to swap them with. No other buttons I have look so fabulous!

      1. Well, if no other buttons look as fabulous then clearly you need to keep these ones! And I don’t think it screams Christmas, rather, bright, fun and warm.

        I love the purple hair too. It’s sooo long since I dyed mine, I had this crazy idea that it had to be natural when I got married (otherwise he wasn’t marrying the real me) and never got around to dyeing it again, however that was nearly 17 years ago, plus however long it took me to grow the last of the previous dye out. Maybe it is time. Then again, it’s so much more fashionable now which takes some of the shine off dying it for me….

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          Adam politely requested that I don’t do anything crazy to my hair before our wedding since it takes him time to adjust to change and he didn’t want to still be adjusting as we walked down the aisle. I respected his request, though I did almost buy a pink wig to wear at the last minute :)
          I’m all for you dying it again, whether or not other people are doing it! I’ve been doing silly things to my hair since I was 13 with the motto that it will always grow out again.

  3. Love the hat, it has a kind of funky-tuque(okay, so I’m Canadian and it shows)-meets-1920s-cloche vibe. And the purple hair totally suits you. I’ve played with the idea of eccentric hair colour myself from time to time, but I’m just too conservative by nature to try it, so I have nothing but admiration for those who are willing to take the risk.

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      Thanks! I heartily suggest eccentric hair. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 13, with a full range of sedate to crazy colors and plain to wacky haircuts. The great thing is that your hair grows back and you can always dye it back. So go for it! If you hate it, a week later you can put it back to normal. Semi-permanent hair dyes (the only option for crazy colors) wash out in a couple months anyway. I highly suggest taking the plunge and doing something silly with your hair. I’m here for advice and pep-talks about it if you want :)

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