Red Plaid Bruyere Flop

unhappy face in red plaid bruyere

This is my unhappy face. This blouse had every potential for being a a perfect addition to my wardrobe, but (like a recent sweatshirt), it just doesn’t do it for me. I love the pattern (having made a chambray bruyere already) and I perfected the fit on my last blouse. Moreover, I LOVE this fabric – it was part of the box of my Rambo fabric, and I’ve since used it on my favorite romper and the sample blouse I wore on my SewItAll TV appearance. It’s a heavy gauze and paired with the black Kona quilting cotton as accent (and for some strength on the waistband and button placket), would make the perfect spring blouse.

red plaid bruyere flop

The problem with the fabric is that I had just barely enough to eke out this blouse. I was able to do a bit of pattern matching (like making the left front match the right front), but not much. And the pieces came from two different lengths of fabric that were clearly woven from slightly different colors. As I was assembling it I had my doubts, but I just kept thinking that when I got it all finished it would come together. And then the moment I put the sleeves on it went from “this has potential, it’s going to be awesome” to “$%@#$& I hate this”! The mismatched fabrics and non-matching plaids just drive me crazy.

red plaid bruyere flop 2

I ended up not bothering with putting the cuffs on the blouse and sending it off to the thrift store (since without a cuff it is average arm length). I tried putting it away for a while and coming back to it to see if it would grow on me, but no dice. I don’t like it any more the more I wait, so off it goes. :(

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  1. Waht a pity! I think the Bruyere looks great on you and the plaid is large (and wild) enough to hide mismatches. But I also know that some garments are not made for the seamstress who creates them. And then they have to be released into the wild (or onto friends and family) for someone who loves them more!

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  2. I happen to like the fact that the darker plaid segues into the lighter — I come from a family of artists and I like the slightly offbeat, unmatched but cool effect of this blouse. Somebody is going to love wearing this piece. Thanks for posting this purported “flop.”

  3. Hi, Just heard your interview on the Sewing Affair. I am a PhD Mechanical Engineer who left academics after having my son. I have been home the last 14 years and started back to art and sewing and knitting once home. At first I started by sewing for my son and knitting him sweaters. Then I had a daughter and knit and sewed for her once my son only wanted to wear athletic gear from the big companies. Now I am designing and sewing coats for other people. We just moved to PNW near Seattle and I am working to get some things out there in the art to wear community.
    Interesting interview.

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      I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for introducing yourself! Welcome to the PNW. We also just moved to an island outside of Seattle (Vashon) and are so very happy to be here. I hope you settle in happily as well!

  4. Good for you for posting a “Flop” and having the guts to send it on instead of letting it sit around and guilt trip you.

  5. Ooh lucky person who gets that shirt – I think it looks great! Thanks for sharing something you weren’t happy with and could give away – I’m a terrible hoarder even if I’m not happy with something I make. Like you said I hope a bit of time makes me love it more, but it seldom happens! Good on you :)

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