Red Knit Shrugigan

open cardigan yoko hatta front

A silver lining to being stuck on the couch all the time is having a plethora of time to knit. Right now, any project I knit is limited by a few serious design constraints:
1) I want the knitting to be something I can wear as soon as it’s done, so it has to work on a pregnant body
2) I want to be actually want to continue to wear it after I’m done with this whole pregnancy thing so it needs to fit into my non-pregnant wardrobe
3) my brain is mush these days so it can’t be particularly complicated (which is what I usually prefer to knit)
4) the yarn needs to come from my stash (well, it doesn’t really have to, but I’m trying very hard to finish getting my studio in awesome organized shape, and it would really help if my yarn stash actually fit in the bins I have allocated for it).

open cardigan yoko hatta back

So bearing those constraints, I knit this shrugigan (#08 Open Cardigan by Yoko Hatta from Vogue Knitting Fall 2015). Yes, I know that “shrugigan” probably isn’t a real term for a garment, but the pattern calls it a cardigan though I find it wears like a shrug, so shrugigan it is, I hereby declare. Although it’s a very similar color to the two other red cardigans I have knit for myself (my fitted Hetty and giant Sylvi coat), I think it’s a different enough style that they all fill their own niches. And now I need to stop knitting red cardigans.

moss ribbing red knit

The sweater construction was super simple – 3 rectangles sewn together and with a bit of ribbing added in for sleeves. The stitch pattern was super simple – essentially a large rib of stockinette and moss stitch. The only change I made to the pattern was to add 4 inches in length as I thought it would be better proportioned for my body that way. It took me less than a month to knit the sweater, with a few other WIPs at the same time, so you can tell that this is an easy pattern (and that I’ve had a lot of time to knit!).

I bought the yarn at the Woolen Mill I toured in New Zealand when we were on our giant honeymoon. The mill made this yarn out of angora that was recycled from the the leftover textile used in ready-to-wear sweater manufacturing. It’s got a very subtle tweed to it, probably from extra bits of random fluff that have ended been swept into the recycling process.

knitting with tig

Tig has been adoring all of the knitting-on-the-couch time as it means lots and lots of snuggle-in-my-lap time. I do get glares when I bump her with my knitting needles, but she doesn’t mind having my knitting laying on top of her, as long as she can still watch TV.

red shrugigan

Project details are on Ravelry.
Worn with my Burda 7023 maternity skirt.

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