Red Hetty Cardigan

long sleeve knit hetty cardigan

I’m super happy to have a basic red cardigan in my wardrobe. This Hetty cardigan (by Andi Satterlund) was a fast knit (since I’ve otherwise recently knit socks, socks, and more socks) and immensely satisfying both to knit and finish! I used Cloud by Cascade Yarns which was interesting to work with since it is a chained yarn – it knits up quite squishy and gives great definition on the lace pattern. (Details on Ravelry for those interested).

button bands on hetty cardigan

With this cardigan I get to re-create my favorite outfit from high school and college. The blouse is a vintage men’s shirt that I bought at a thrift store in high school, altered, un-altered, and re-altered as my shape and taste in clothing tightness has changed over the years. The necklace is just plastic and also purchased at a thrift store in high school, although it remains one of my favorites to this day. I had a red wool long-sleeve cardigan (again from a thrift store in high school) that I adored and wore on an almost daily basis until someone changed the wash temperature on my laundry in the college dorm, thinking it was theirs, and I ended up with a tiny shrunken cardigan that had no chance of fitting me any more and I’ve never found the perfect replacement – until now!

button band on hetty cardigan

I changed the sleeves in this pattern so that they would be full-length as I thought it would have more utility in my wardrobe than the 3/4 length. The sleeves are supposed to taper to the elbow but I removed most of the taper. Otherwise, I knit the cardigan as written. It quite fitted, shaped, and a bit cropped – which is actually a pretty good silhouette on me and works well with most of my wardrobe.

grosgrain button bands

I sewed a ribbon to the back of each button band so that there wouldn’t be any gapping with such a fitted sweater. I had the brilliant idea to melt holes in the ribbon instead of sewing button holes since nobody would ever see the back of the button band – which is true when the sweater is open and fully buttoned, but when I button it partially, it falls open with the button band clearly visible and I find melted holes offensive. So, I may rip off the band and re-apply it with sewn buttonholes. So much for brilliant ideas.

subtle lace pattern on hettyc cardigan

Am I silly for having waited many, many years to replace such a simple and functional garment? No, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know! What matters is that I have it now and I’m going to wear the heck out of it! And since I’m never going to have to share college dorm washing machines again, this one should last!

red hetty cardigan

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  1. Dreamy sweater. I wish I could knit right now. Love the buttons. I’d make it looser and longer, because I always buy sweaters and never wear them because they feel constrictive. How difficult would this be to a novice?

    1. Post

      Thanks! It’s not a pattern I would recommend to someone without another sweater or two under their belt, but if you have an experienced knitter around that you can ask questions and who will hold your hand a bit, it would be do-able. Changing the shape of a sweater also requires a bit of experience under your belt, but again, if you’ve got some help, totally do-able.

  2. Love it! This sweater is probably next on my to-knit list after I finish my current one (Andi Satterlunds’ Aiken). I’ve always loved the pattern, and it looks great in red!

  3. Beautiful!! I love the color and the outfit! I was also a die hard cardigan wearer in high school. I was teased about it, actually, lol.

  4. No wonder this was your favorite outfit; it looks great on you, and is so classic and cute! You are giving me the inspiration I need to keep slogging away on my first hand knit sweater; also red. And a checked top may have to go in my sewing queue!

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