Red and White Baby Quilt

red and white stripped scrappy quilt top

While I was visiting my mom this weekend I designed and assembled a baby-blanket-size quilt top using red and white fabrics that I pulled from her (insanely large) stash. All of the pieced blocks I put together using scraps of my moms (Does it count as stashbusting if I’m using someone else’s stash??). When she has just a bit of fabric left, she cuts it into 1.5″ or 2.5″ strips and throws it in a basket. It makes for super easy assembly of scrappy quilts, especially since she has a TON of strips to pick from!

rail fence quilt block

I started by making a classic rail fence block.

rail fence quilt block variation

I played around a bit with arranging the striped squares in the rail fence block to make this pinwheel shape. This was definitely my favorite block on the quilt, and no, that’s not just because I snuck in some pink!

9 patch block red and white

I put in several of the same 9-patch blocks. My corners are so close to being perfect on this one.

stripped quilt blocks

I also added a few blocks that are just strips of fabric. Since I didn’t have a specific baby in mind for this quilt, it may take me a while to get around to assembling and quilting it. Mom suggested that it would be a great blanket to learn to use her longarm with, so I have that to look forward to if I want!

red and white baby quilt top

The one thing I’m not sure about is if this could go to a boy since it’s red and white or if it needs to go to a girl since it has a couple of touches of pink and a bunch of florals. What do you guys think?


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  1. It will be a lovely quilt. I think you could give any colour quilt, red, blue, pink, or periwinkle, to either a boy or girl. The child certainly isn’t going to care, and anyone who says boys can’t do pink or flowers isn’t deserving of such a nice quilt.

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      That’s pretty much my philosophy, but I know a lot of people prefer strongly gendered baby goods. It’s nice to have my thoughts confirmed.

  2. It looks pretty cool. I don’t do the whole girl colours boy colours thing and since I never use pink it’s not an issue. I’d say it was uni-sex but when it doubt gift it to the mum and she can decide what to do with it.

  3. This is lovely! It’s perfectly unisex the way it is, nevermind about the floral prints and small hints of pink. If you’re very concerned with making it lean one way or another, why not try emphasizing with your quilting technique?

    For example, quilt with bold, graphic lines for a baby boy, maybe like a star or grid pattern, and soften it up with some pretty loops or feathers/florals for a baby girl?

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  4. Wow! I love it. I’ve always wanted to make a 2 color quilt; just so classy looking. I’ve thought about green & white or red & white and your quilt is an excellent example of why I want to do it!

    Thanks; and how cool is it that you got to help your mom stash bust?! I love the cut strips in a box idea, too.

  5. This quilt turned out so nicely! I don’t see any reason it couldn’t be used for either a boy or a girl – any baby would look great playing on that quilt!

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