The Rambo Project


So, I have a crazy story and a crazy idea that follow from it. And I roped in some crazy friends to help me make the crazy idea happen. And now I am SO EXCITED to get to share the craziness with all of you!

I was given a bunch of boxes of old fabric from a friend and she told me that one particular box full was given to her by a friend that used to work in hollywood. The friend had found this box on a shelf at work and decided to make it disappear from the shelf. And then it sat in her garage untouched until it got passed onto my friend where it sat in her garage untouched and then it got passed to me. And then I had to come up with a crazy fun idea to do the fabric justice. You see, the fabric in this box was once turbans from the movie Rambo III.

turban in rambo III

Yes, you read that right, I have a stash of fabric from Rambo III. (I even watched Rambo III recently to confirm this tale. I did indeed see the fabric in action in the movie!).

So that’s my crazy story. The crazy idea? I put together a sewalong with the fabric. I gathered up a selection of sewing blogger friends that I thought might be crazy enough to sew along with me and sent them each a turban length from Rambo III. They were warned that the fabric is weird and stretchy-ish even though it’s woven and some pieces have snags and some have small stains, so no heirloom quality garments will come from it. But holy cow the fabric was in the movie Rambo III !!!

rambo 3 turbans fabric

The awesome projects that resulted from this crazy project:

Oona of OonaBalloona – La Wrambette
Sonja of Ginger Makes – Swingy Summer Top
Shams of Communing with Fabric – Jeans Style Jacket
Tempest of Fanbloomingtastic -John Rambo’s Worst Nightmare
EmSewCrazy of Tumbleweeds in the Wind – Sweater Shrug
Lauren of Lladybird – Slutty Bralette
Leila of Three Dresses Project- Hummingbird Skirt
Heather of Handmade By Heather B – Rambo Reborn Bustier Dress
Katie of Kadiddlehopper – Rambo Goes Girly Skirt
Amity of Lolita Patterns – Baby Sling
Cassie of Cassie Stephens – Rambo Meets Frida Kahlo
Cindy of Cation Designs – Friendship Cardigan
Shannon of Shanni Loves – Maritime Shorts (and a sidekick!)
and of course me! – Hippie Skirt

Although the turbans used in Rambo III are worn by Afghani characters, the turban has been worn by many peoples in many cultures all around the world for hundreds of years. I compiled some information about the turban in western fashion history for those that are curious.


Feel inspired to join in the craziness? I don’t have any more turbans to share, but I’d love for you to make your own Rambo inspired project!

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  1. Fabulous, looking forward to seeing all the Rambo creations. Such a fun idea and talented line up of blogger participants is sure to produce some interesting and inspiring remakes. What a great idea :)

  2. hahahha! Amazing! Also FYI m’dear, your blog shows up as an excerpt in my blog reader, so I have to go to your page to read the whole post and sometimes I am busy and rushed and don’t have time… May be smart to check your feed settings and set it to full article?

  3. What an interesting and diverse group of sewists to receive the turban fabric! I can’t wait to see what each person comes up with! Awesome challenge!!!

    1. Post
  4. Brilliant! I can’t wait to see what everyone makes! If I come up with a great yarn dyed similar fabric I will throw it in the ring!

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