Quilted Scrappy Red and White Baby Quilt

red and white baby blanket quilt

In the last week I have visited my grandparents, visited my aunt, bought a mattress, bought a bedframe, bought an engagement ring, and worked a 15hr day in lab (sidenote: the experiment worked so it was totally worth it!). What I have not done is sew or write a blog post. I knew that this month was going to be busy, but I didn’t realize quite how busy it was going to be! I can’t even say that it’s been full of wedding planning, which is how I would like to be spending my time if I don’t get to be in front of the sewing machine. Oh well. There won’t be a new Christmas dress this year. There won’t be handmade gifts. There won’t be an Archer for Archer Appreciation Month. But this month will contain time with friends and family, investments in our future, happiness, and holiday cheer. I can’t have everything, and I’m so very grateful for what I do have.

red quilting on red and white baby blanket

I shared this red and white scrappy¬†pieced quilt top a few months back, and I’m excited to show that it’s all assembled into a quilt and ready to send off to a lovely pair of soon-to-be-parents that have been my friends since college. My mom did the quilting for me (thanks mom!) with a fun swirly all-over freehand pattern in red thread.

inset panel quilt back red

The back was supposed to be all chevrons (trying to keep the quilt gender neutral, even though I snuck in a few pieces of pink fabric), but my mom discovered a big flaw in the fabric when she went to make the quilt sandwich, so she had to piece in red and white polka dots into the back instead. I think it’s bright and fun, regardless. (I just felt a little guilty about using even more of my mom’s stash!).

chevron fabric swirl quilting

I sewed the solid red binding on by machine so that it would be as sturdy as possible, wanting this quilt to be used and loved. I’m so excited to send it off to my friends and very much wishing I could swing through Portland this Christmas so I could see her growing belly!

red and white baby quilt scrappy

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  1. Erin, it’s beautiful! I love the reds, and it’s definitely gender-neutral. Try to take it easy this month – it sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate!

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