Queen Anne’s Lace Free Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

Queen Anne's Lace Fingerless Gloves

My friend Ann lives in a gorgeous 1800’s farmhouse on an Island outside of Seattle. Nestled in the trees, it’s charming, rustic, a welcoming dwelling. It’s also pretty darn drafty in the winter. To keep her hands warm and dextrous for sewing on cold days, Ann wears fingerless gloves. I designed this pair of gloves to suit her elegant, vintage influenced style, while still providing function. You can download the pattern free on Ravelry.

Leaf Lace Pattern

The lace pattern along the top of the glove has a subtle leaf pattern. I knit these gloves in Plymouth Yarns Alpaca Prima yarn because it is light-weight but very warm (and a gorgeous color). The yarn has a slight mohair-like halo which slightly obscures the pattern. In a yarn without halo, the leaf pattern will stand out more.

Glove Wrist Peplum

The bottom of the gloves have a subtle peplum, with three lobes of the lace pattern. The lace pattern gathers into a ribbed section across the inside of the wrist to give the gloves shape. The ribbing is echoed on the thumb and at the knuckles so that it fits a variety of hand sizes, from women’s small through large.

Purple Lace Fingerless Gloves

The pattern includes a chart and written descriptions. For anyone that knows how to knit on multiple needles and follow a pattern, it should be easy to knit. The only tricky part is that the pattern ends with a yarn over that you need to make sure you don’t drop off the needle without knitting – not hard, but something to pay attention to. The gloves are knit with fingering yarn on size 3 needles. If you have very small hands, you can go down a needle size.

Stockinette Glove Body with Ribbing

The inside of the glove is stockinette stitch, offering a comfortable and plain interior that is easy to knit and functional. Again, the ribbing helps to give the gloves shape on many sizes of women’s hands. (Trust me on this. I have giant man-hands and Ann has delicate petite hands. And they fit me and her). Please let me know if you have any questions about the gloves or the pattern. Enjoy! Again, you can download the pattern free on Ravelry.

Leafy Lace Pattern on Gloves

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  1. Very pretty! I don’t knit but those are great. I love fingerless gloves – though I like a longer length but then you have the problem of trying get them to stay up. ;)

  2. Hi, Just downloaded this yesterday as it looks like a really lovely pattern. I am finding it difficult to knit when it comes to rows 17 and onwards as i am not sure whether to carry on with the YO as in the corresponding rows in “pattern a” or not. I have tried both and neither seems to work out very well to keep the same amount of stitches and the ribbing going. Any ideas on what i should be doing? Thanks

    1. Post

      You do want to continue all the stitches of the Pattern A for the rest of the glove which includes the yarn overs on each end. Perhaps you are accidentally dropping one of the yarn overs off the end of the needle before you knit it in the next row?

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