Purple and Neutral Hexagon Baby Quilt

hexagons and heart baby quilt

I am a little embarrassed to post this just-finished baby quilt on my blog since there are construction flaws and honestly, the design is mediocre. But I’m learning. And I certainly learned from this quilt. And regardless of the finished product, it was made with love. And that’s what I wanted to send to my friend’s baby – a bundle of love and a story for daddy to tell. “This quilt was made for you, with love, by this crazy girl that lived next door to me in the dorms of my college during her freshman year. I had just transferred there from another school and wasn’t happy about being placed in a room with three freshmen boys. She was just starting college but, being an only child, wasn’t happy about being placed in a room with three other freshmen girls. I think she might have had a crush on me for a short while, until she figured out that I wasn’t inclined to crush back. Then we just became good friends. We didn’t have a lot in common, but we continued to hang out in college and had a lovely time, despite our differences. I remember this one time she came over to my apartment to play a game of poker…” Okay the poker story will have to wait until the baby grows up enough to go off to college his or herself. But the story starts the right way.

purple brown grey black baby quilt with heart

Another pair of friends with another baby on the way means¬†another excuse to make a baby quilt! My friend and his husband don’t know when the stork is going to come (they are on a waiting list for adoption), but I couldn’t wait to send them something to welcome the baby for when it does arrive.¬†Since I’ve pre-empted the baby, I needed for the quilt to be gender neutral. I used a bunch of triangles that were left over from my American Jane hexagon quilt, and pieced them into hexagons that I then pieced together into a small quilt. The background is a Kaffe Fasset shot cotton and the stripes are various shades of grey and brown.

quilting on hexagon

Unfortunately for myself and especially my mother (who tried to squash out my mistakes when she quilted the quilt), I forgot that the stripes were set at several different heights in the triangles. I tried to piece them into hexagons so the stripes all matched up, but it meant some stretching and bunching, which my mom did a phenomenal job of hiding with her quilting. Of course, it only struck me when I was completely done that I could have cut the triangles down before piecing them. I’ve learned my lesson (in retrospect) and my mom has done a great job of cleaning up after me. (Is a mother’s work ever finished?)

heart applique on baby quilt

I was one hexagon short of a complete quilt so I appliqued a big heart on a hexagon of slightly different fabric (I couldn’t find the original again). My mom did an adorable job quilting lots of little baby hearts inside of the applique heart. Too cute, right!?!

black and grey batik back of baby quilt

The back is a fun black and grey batik. I used it for the binding, which really makes the unique shape of the quilt pop. I think it will be fun for a baby to look at with the contrast and texture.


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  1. I think it’s neat and it’s not an easy design that you made either.
    You make me feel a lot better about what I’m going to be posting soon. It’s not my best work either but it too was made with love.

  2. I am impressed. I tried to sew a quilt once and only finished it 2 years ago ( it sat for 10 years).
    At least you finished it in a timely manner.

  3. Any gift handmade with love is a treasure. Don’t worry about the little imperfections – I guarantee the baby won’t notice. : ) Congrats to your friend, and congrats on another beautiful quilt! Oh, and your mom’s quilting is amazing – go mom!

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