My Puffy Pink Wedding Dress

pink princess wedding dress

seamstresserin wedding photo

Here’s the moment I know you’ve all been waiting for – photos of my puffy pink wedding dress! When I bought the dress, I talked about my decision to buy instead of sew and what this dress represented for who I am and where I’m at in my life journey. And I’m delighted to say that this token example of flamboyance and self-expression was the perfect accompaniment for the start of my new life. I’m already happier and healthier than I was when I bought the dress (I was still in graduate school at the time) and I am SO excited about everything that lies ahead! There’s been some big bumps in my life journey getting me to where I am right now and who I am right now and this dress was everything I wanted it to be as a declaration that I’m silly, flamboyant, and unusual, and proud to be so!

seamstresserin wedding dress

Of course, since this is a sewing blog, I have to give you a peak at the dress’s guts, even if I wasn’t the one to design or sew them, since I think they are pretty interesting. Having not sewn many ball gowns, I found the construction of the skirt particularly interesting since there is SO much volume but no solid structure (one almost expects a hoop skirt under this thing, no?) and not too much weight.

wedding dress invisible zipper

The body had an unremarkable corseted under-layer that closed with 2 hook and eyes (I added in a 3rd). The bodice fashion fabric had a bottom layer that held the shape and then had the pleated fabric on top, tacked down in a few place and sewed into the side seams. There was one major flaw in the dress’s construction that had me in a tissy a few days before the wedding – the dress had an invisible zipper that absolutely would not zip through the many layers of bodice if there was any tension on the seam (it baaaarely zipped when the dress was flat on the ground). Of course we discovered this 3 days before the wedding (The sales clerk told me it fit. Which it did. I never considered that she never actually did the zipper.) and my mom and cousin turned my back very red from trying to get that dang zipper done! For the wedding, I ended up buttoning the buttons without zipping the zipper underneath (with a big tulle bow on hand in case the buttons popped) and it worked out just fine.

wedding dress inside

Like I said, the really interesting part to me was the skirt, so here it is from the inside out. On the very inside was a plain petticoat.

wedding dress crinoline

Attached to the outside of the petticoat was three layers of gathered coarse net, sewn at different heights along the skirt.

wedding dress horsehair braid

Covering the inner petticoat was an underskirt of a solid blush satin with a horsehair braid along the bottom.

wedding dress bottom layer tulle

Next was three layers of white tulle, gathered into the waist.

wedding dress colored layer tulle

Then three layers of colored tulle, gathered into the waist. There were peach, pink, and blush colored tulles that we overlapping and distributed along the skirt such that there were very subtle vertical stripes of color (hard to see in any of the photos, but a really lovely effect).

wedding dress top layer tulle

And finally, three layers of white tulle on top!

seamstresserinwedding photo 4

seamstresserin wedding photo 3

seamstresserin wedding photo 2

Watermarked photos taken by Rosemary Wagner Photography.

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  1. Very, very pretty! Yep…gorgeous! And the photographs are lovely..all of them…I love the different backgrounds! Erg…sorry to hear about the snickety zipper…I wrote a post on just this a while back. Why, oh why…can’t they make an invisible zipper that can handle layers???!!!

  2. Fascinating insight into the RTW dress, which looks fabulous and beautiful and you called it on that dress x

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  3. You look so happy! And the dress is an absolute joy to see. Thank you for sharing these very special photos with us.

  4. You look so beautiful!!! The dress is perfect, and I’m glad you don’t feel any guilt about buying. This is your dress, and it couldn’t be more lovely!

  5. Love the picture of you on the chair, with the pink sneakers a-peeing – and how you can see Adam in the mirror :-) So sorry you had to go through the zipper anxiety,tho’ – yikes! Fortunately, the safety bow wasn’t needed!

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