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In Print

Erin has had patterns published in:

Stitch Magazine

Sew News Magazine

Sew It All Magazine

Sewing World Magazine

One Yard Wonders Books

Erin has had articles published in:

Be Creative with Workbox

Seamwork Magazine


Erin has appeared on:

Sew It All TV

In Person

Erin has taught sewing workshops at:

Britex FabricsSewing Your Way from Good to Great (7/25/15)
Makerfaire – How to Sew My Favorite Skirt (Recycled Jeans to a Skirt) (2013 & 2014)


Erin has been featured or had guest interviews on:

Cut Out & Keep – Erin’s Sewing Studio & Office
That Sewing Blab – That Sewing Blab Episode 70
Shutterfly – 75 Charming Grey Living Rooms
Feedspot – Top 100 Dressmaking Blogs
Contrado – 5 Gorgeous Fabric Tutorials You Need to Try #3
Crafting a Rainbow – Better Pictures Project: Having Fun in Pictures
Contrado – How to Avoid the 13 Most Common Sewing Mistakes

2015 – 11 Brides Who Gave Their Wedding Dresses Mind-Blowing Makeovers

Sew Mama Sew –

Cut Out and Keep – DIY Fashionista
Girls With Glasses – Geek of the Week
Closet Case Files – Sewing Indie Week Interview
Funki Fabrics –

We All Sew (Bernina) –

Sew Mama Sew –

The Sewing Affair – The Sewing Affair Podcast
Cut Out and Keep – Sewing Superstar
Makezine – Turn Recycled Jeans in Skirts this Weekend at Maker Faire Bay Area



Madalynne – How to Find Sewing and Style Inspiration at Work