Presidio Purse Sewalong: Shrunken Purse

F is for Flamingo Presidio Purse 2

So, you like the Presidio Purse but don’t feel the need to carry the kitchen sink around with you? Have a petite frame and worry about being overwhelmed by your purse? How about following the example of the creative Kelly of Flowercat Designs and Erin of F is for Flamingo and shrinking your purse? The nice thing about using a pdf pattern for this purse is that you can print it at whatever size you would like. Kelly printed hers at 80% while Erin printed hers at 75%.

kelly flowercatdesigns presidio purse

Because you are scaling all pieces evenly, everything should still fit together exactly as marked. The only place that you will probably need to make changes is to your strap. The strap is fairly short on this purse in its native state, so it will probably be too short when shrunken. Remember that shrinking the purse also shrinks the width of the straps, so if you are planning on using hardware, you will need buy a different width. For example, at 75%, you will need a rectangle ring that is 1.5″ wide instead of the original 2″ wide.

shrunk presidio purse strap

To lengthen the strap, you merely cut the strap pattern piece in half at the center, separate the two halves by your desired amount, and fill back in the center. If you are shrinking your purse to 75%, you would need to add 5.8″ to the center of the strap to maintain the original length. If you are shrinking by a different amount, you can figure out the length you need to add in two different ways. First is to print a copy of the un-shrunken strap piece and stretch your shrunken piece until they are the same length. No measuring, no math. Second is to stretch your shrunken piece until it is 18.5″ for Handle A, 23.1″ for Handle B top, and 15.5″ for Handle B bottom. Simple measuring, simple math (since I’ve already measured the un-shrunken pieces for you!).

For an bigger cut and paste project, Ellen of Seams and Finishes put together a lovely tutorial that involves shrinking down the purse quite a bit by removing length and completely removing the the Side/Bottom piece. It’s a great tutorial and quite a twist on the purse, so if you’re wanting a smaller purse, pop on over check it out!


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