Presidio Purse Re-Release Testers

The pattern for the Presidio Purse didn’t change with the re-release, but the instructions underwent an overhaul so I wanted a new set of pattern testers to look at them with fresh eyes. I only had a few testers, but these ladies sure didn’t disappoint with their gorgeous bags! I wanted to thank them publicly for their helpful help and show off their beautiful bags!

presidio purse tester kyla

Kyla used an upholstery fabric with a heavy weight lining so she got a lot of structure without needing to interface the body. Her boyfriend also suggested another use for the purse – when she said it would be great for traveling he said “yea, and then you can stuff it and it will double as a pillow”. Ha! (Find Kyla on her blog).

presidio purse tester anne
Anne used a corduroy outer (with piping all around, thanks to the sewalong instructions) and an upholstery weight lining so she too got structure without needing to interface the body. The purse pattern was already her favorite shape for a purse and she’s excited about having the pattern. As she says, “Imagine being able to keep myself in awesome purses of any fabric I’d like! Also, although I find the size a little daunting, I’m also excited by the possibilities of how much I can fit in it!” (Find Anne on twitter or instagram)

presidio purse tester kelly

Kelly used a linen outer with accents of a floral quilting cotton (and what a cute combo they make!). She added in a set of hidden front pockets (hidden in the insets) from the variation in the sewalong. She liked that the purse is a quick sew but you can spice it up with a bunch of variations described in the sewalong. (Find Kelly on her Blog, Twitter, or Instagram).

presidio purse tester wendy

Wendy used a cotton twill and medium weight denim and waxed her finished bag. So cool! She says “It’s water resistant (which I need because I often find myself walking in the rain), and seems pretty durable. It also smells like beeswax, which I think is a rather nice bonus!” She also says “I tend to gravitate towards “square” shaped bags, so I probably wouldn’t have picked this [pattern] out. Now that I’ve made one, though, I find I like the roominess the round shape provides (there’s a lesson in here somewhere about trying things outside my comfort zone!).”

presidio purse tester tonya

Tonya use a faux suede for the outer and I’ve gotta say it looks great! I think it’s the first time I’ve seen the bag in suede and it definitely inspires me to make (yet another) one for myself. She’s thinking she’ll try a faux leather for her next Presidio Purse. She says the pattern is “a great introductory pattern for bag making.” (Find Tonya on her blog or on Instagram).

presidio purse tester maja

Maja sewed the pattern up all the way from Croatia! She used a denim for the outer fabric (which I personally think is an excellent choice as I carry my denim Presidio Purse every day, all summer long) and a poly-cotton for the lining and adorable contrast insets. (Find Maja on Instagram).

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  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to test your pattern Erin. The instructions were not only easy to follow, but so pretty to look at too. :) Nice job!

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