Prefontaine Shorts for Perfect Pattern Parcel #3

prefontaine shorts pink velour and gray

I know that I just sewed a pair of shorts all while talking about how I don’t wear shorts and here I am sewing up another pair of shorts, but bear with me on this one. While I may not wear shorts out in public, a pair of comfy shorts is the best possible garment for cleaning the house. I’d rather wear a skirt if I’m just loafing around, but shorts just make more sense for cleaning. So that’s what these are, my new “I’m getting stuff done around the house” shorts.

worn out cutoffs

I had a pair of ratty denim cutoffs that were my “get things done” shorts, but they’ve seen better days. Funny story – they started as a pair of jeans that belonged to my locker mate in 6th grade. She decided that they weren’t cool enough (she was one of the cool kids and didn’t have a choice who her locker mate was because I definitely wasn’t one of the cool kids) and left the jeans sitting in the locker the entire year. On the last day of school she was going to trash them, but as I have always been frugal, I couldn’t let that happen. So I took them home. Of course the jeans were way too short for me because I was already 5’10” so I quickly turned them into cutoffs. And now, 17 years later it’s time for them to go to the trash.

prefontaine shorts perfect pattern parcel

These shorts were given to me as part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel (#3). Another great parcel of patterns, this time featuring Poppy Tunic by Make it Perfect, Water Bottle Tote by Radiant Home Studio, Jorna Tank Dress by Jenna Brand, Staple Dress by April Rhodes, and the Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files (which I have already sewn and love). It’s pay what you will, but if you pay enough, you also get the Prefontaine Shorts for Women by Made with Moxie.

pink velour and grey shorts

The Prefontaine Shorts for women have a nice selection of customization options – two different waistband treatments, welt or patch pockets, longer or shorter length. I chose to sew them from a pink velour that I had in my stash but made one critical mistake – my velour turned out to be stretch velour and the more I worked with it the more it stretched. The pattern is sized for wovens and I rounded up, wanting a comfy pair of shorts, so I had to do some hacking after the shorts were mostly finished to take them from stretched-out-ridiculous-humongous-fugly to wearable. Totally my fault for poor fabric choice. I do like what I was able to salvage. I readily admit they aren’t the most flattering, but they are going to be comfy and perfect for their purpose.

rear welt pocket

I opted for a back welt pocket, although with my stretch fabric it already looks droopy. Oh well, live and learn. The pattern instructions were clear and I loved the idea of binding the edges with strips of t-shirt for an easier and comfier method than using woven bias tape. I am actually looking forward to giving these shorts another go with some better-chosen fabric, but don’t tell anyone, since if I add a third pair of shorts to my closet it will be like I actually wear shorts or something!

prefontaine shorts rear welt pocket

Thanks to the Perfect Pattern Parcel for letting me help promote their project. As I said last time, I really believe in their mission of promoting independent pattern designers and simultaneously raising money for classrooms in need through DonorsChoose.org. Go check out this great parcel and keep an eye out in the blogosphere for some great blog posts featuring PPP projects over the next couple of weeks!

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      I didn’t realize quite how stretchy the fabric was until I started working with it and by that time I decided to just power through instead of stop and fix what I knew was going to be a problem. I did know that I should have sized down, but that part of my head that says “Stop what you’re doing, go slowly, and be thoughtful to prevent problems later” lost out to the part that says “DO ALL THE THINGS!!!” :)

  1. I made the Prefontaine shorts for my first PPP project, too! Good stuff. Your shorts look pretty darn comfy..

  2. I love that you had those shorts since 6th grade! A woman after my own heart! I’m also not a shorts gal, but these Virginia summers are beastly, so I’m working on a pair of Prefontaines now. I’m already dreaming up other fabric combinations. Jill will turn us all in to shorts people!

  3. thanks for sharing your choices and issues, and TRASH for the elderly cut-offs? i see crafty appliqued pillow with compelling biography.

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