Playing Dress Up: Pink Hair Extensions

On my lunch break yesterday (while working from home), I took a short walk and ended up popping into a new-ish hair salon that advertises hair extensions in their window. I wanted to see what colors they had and get some more info about it. The lady was super sweet and apparently a really great saleswoman, because next thing I knew she had me in the chair trying one just to see. And it looked cute. So I said to go ahead with the rest. I chose the pink and she tossed in a few blonde.

pink hair extensions close up

I’ve done a lot of different things with my hair. A lot. I’ve been working hard to grow it out, grow my bangs out, and make it a (mostly) natural color. But after a while I get bored. And itch to do something else with it. I’m hoping these will stave off the itch for a while. These are clamped in, so they’ll last for months and just need to be re-clamped every month or so as hair grows out.

pink and blonde hair extensions