Plaid Flannel Shirt

robert kaufman plaid flannel shirt

I haven’t stopped wearing this shirt since I made it. And that’s not even an exaggeration. I’ve pretty much found an excuse to put this shirt on every. single. day. since I made it. The shirt is luscious and comfy and flattering and it’s really all that I want to wear. My first finished project since officially moving back to Seattle and I’m channeling my wannabe grunge youth – except for I’ve grown up and so has my blouse.

robert kaufman plaid flannel shirt 2

I’m super happy with this fabric. It’s a Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel and it’s just dreamy. It’s a great weight and feels so very cozy. I bought it at Nancy’s Sewing Basket which was my first foray into fabric shopping in Seattle!

robert kaufman plaid flannel shirt 3

You can see that I spent an obsessive amount of time matching plaid on this blouse and I am so happy with the results. I cut everything on a single layer and made sure that the plaid matched all the way across the front of the shirt. I cut the cuffs on the cross-grain and the back yoke on the bias to simplify matching a bit.

robert kaufman plaid flannel shirt back

I asked folks on Instagram where I should put the snaps on the blouse – aligned with the thick red stripe, the thick yellow stripe, or in between. And then I went ahead and ignore all of the advice I got (thanks anyway!) because I decided it would look best on the skinny red stripe.

mcalls 3688 cowgirl blouse

I used McCalls 3688 that I bought and first sewed in high school, although I made some pretty significant changes to the pattern. I’ve sewn this blouse a couple of times already (very much pre-blog). In high school I sewed the pattern as-is but used too heavy of a cotton and very thick piping so it never really got worn. Since then I lengthened it into a dress and sewed it from pink gingham but I used too light of a cotton and it was sheer and so it never really got worn. But the third time is the charm!

pinning sleeve for felled seams

The changes I made to the pattern: The blouse has very large darts at the front and back waist. I changed the shape of the side and removed the darts. I actually intended to put fisheye darts into the front and back after I was done sewing, but I keep wearing it without darts and I’m enjoying the relaxed fit, so I think I’m going to keep it without the darts. I changed the sleeve cap shape for my usual broad shoulder adjustment. And I took off the front yoke and straightened the back yoke so that it went from cowgirl to classic. I felled all the seams so it’s as beautiful inside as out.

plaid flannel shirt cuff

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  1. Wow–this is easily the most feminine plaid shirt I’ve ever seen. Excellent work on the plaid matching, and the snaps are a nice finishing touch.

  2. That is a fantastic shirt – I love the colors in that plaid! It makes you happy to have chilly weather when you have a shirt like that!

  3. Great job on the shirt Erin. I’m glad you love the fabric. Its one of the first bolts I bought to stock in my store in Missoula (otherwise known as far-eastern Seattle). The bolt is hanging out in my basement while I get all the pieces together to open my store!

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  4. WOW! Great job Erin! THANKS for the tips on where you got the fabric, and how you decided to assemble the shirt the way you did! It looks very, very nice on you!

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