Pink Sequin Lace Shift Dress

pink sequin lace shift dress

Pink and lace and sequins, oh my! When told to make a fancy dress, lace seems appropriate. Sequins are also appropriate. And in my mind, pink is appropriate for every occasion. So when I found this delicious fabric that combined all three, it obviously needed to become a fancy dress!

habotai underlining and bound seams

I underlined the dress with silk habotai (the lining that Minerva included with the kit was a bit heavier than I had in mind) so oh boy does it feel dreamy to wear. I bound all of the seams and the neck in the same habotai. I opted to leave the sleeves unlined for a little bit of sex appeal, but it’s quite subtle as the pink underlining isn’t too far away in color from my pink skin!

pink sequin lace shift dress minerva fabrics

Yes, my choice of vintage McCalls 9575 dress pattern was heavily influenced by Heather Lou’s lovely sequin shift. Fortunately, my sequins were much, much easier to sew! Since the sequins didn’t cover all of the lace and the sequins themselves didn’t overlap, it was surprisingly easy to work with this fabric. I was able to sew all the seams and then go back through and snip out the sequins that were actually caught in the seam. Yes, it added a fair bit of time to the sewing, but nothing like what you would normally face with a sequined fabric! I did spend weeks discovering sequins in every single hidden corner around my house, just like any other sequined project :)

pink shift dress in sequin lace

Thanks to Minerva Fabrics for supplying the gorgeous pink sequin lace in honor of their big meetup this month. It looks like a lovely time was had by all and I was sad not to be able to pop on over the pond to join in! Of course I’ve been swooning over the other fancy dresses that Minerva Fabrics Bloggers have made, especially Emmie’s since she picked the same fabric as I but a completely different dress!

jelly shoes with sparkles

I had a beast of a time finding the perfect shoes to match. I brought a swatch of the fabric and carried it through DSW (a GIGANTIC shoe store) and didn’t find a single shoe that was large enough for my giant feet that didn’t have an outrageous heel (I’m 5’10” already) that went well with the dusty pink. And then I went back to exchange another pair of shoes and did a super-quick run through (without my swatch this time) and found the most awesome shoes to wear. You want to know why they’re awesome? Because they are jellies! I wore nothing but jelly sandals every summer for years when I was a kid so I jumped with delight to learn that I can wear them again as a grown-up!

neck and cuff on pink sequin lace

I really liked how the sequins stopped several inches below the end of the lace and took advantage of that fact for the sleeves and skirt hem. However, I discovered that there were different amounts of non-sequined space left on either selvage, so I had to do a bit of creative trimming to make them match up. I think they’re only noticeable if you know what you’re looking for, so that’s a success in my book.

pink sequin lace dress side

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  1. Look at this sparkly English rose! The dress turned out beautifully – love the mod 60’s vibe, but the lacey pinky prettiness softens the silhouette. Gorgeous!

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