Pink Retro Undies Set

I love the fact that this bra, while 70’s inspired on its own, looks like it could be decades older when paired with the high waist panties. The panties themselves are a Sew Lovely pattern from 1969. I’ve had an itch to try the (what we think of now as “granny panty”) pattern since finding it at the thrift store (last year?). And I’m glad I finally tried it, though I must admit they probably won’t get much wear (though they’re comfy as all get-out, so maybe I’ll just wear them when husband is out of town). Speaking of, my dear partner is the most wonderfully supportive person and always praises my creations and how I look in them (and out of them too ;) That being said, he took one look at these and said “hmmmm, I’m having a hard time imagining what you’d have to do to those to make them look sexy.” Ha!

The photos I took don’t look that bad but trust me, I chose strategic photos. The panties have way too much ease so they droop off my bum and the crotch is super duper wide so it bunches in the back. Not exactly the look I’m going for. Also a bit confusing as the pattern does call for a knit and this tricot isn’t that stretchy so the fabric and pattern shouldn’t be mismatched.

I ordered a 70 denier tricot specifically for making some bra and undies sets and I’m unfortunately pretty disappointed with it. It feels comfortable and is a nice weight for underthings but the slightest tug on the edge of the fabric makes it start to run. I was super careful with it while constructing the bra and undies but they both already have runs in them. Drats.

I keep sewing the Watson bra with the thought that someday I’ll get it perfect. Well, I did get it perfect for a while with my green nursing version, but I quickly shrank out of it with post-partum weight loss and I haven’t been able to get it perfect with any of the versions I’ve sewn since. The most recent didn’t have quite enough stretch in the cup so it was a bit compressive. I self-lined the cups in the tricot this time so they fit well but the band is now too big. Not hard to take in a bit, just annoying – though it hasn’t stopped me from wearing the bra pretty much daily in the week since I finished it so I guess it’s not that big of a problem.

I thought the matching picot edge elastic all around the bra and undies was pretty fun and completely coincidental that I had the match in my stash. Ok, probably not a complete coincidence as this is pretty much my favorite color so when the options comes to buy something in it I take it. The bra hardware is salvaged from old RTW bras I cut apart and the straps, while not a complete match, are close enough to keep me happy. I have bought (and stashed) dyeable hardware and elastics so I may go that route someday.

I’m kinda getting into this whole matched-bra-and-panty thing, though I think I may be ready to move onto another bra pattern (and not the other Kwik Sew bra I have in my library as I wasn’t enamored with it.) Time for me to peruse bra patterns! Though I have an idea and a sketch for a little bralette I want to make so I may end up going that route next. Who knows. Not even I can predict my sewing whims!

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