Pink Elephant Bonnel Dress

pink elephant bonnel dress

I adore this almost-finished dress, but it’s going to have to spend a bit of time in the naughty corner of my sewing room before I actually wear it. This dress is the Dixie DIY‘s most recent pattern, the Bonnel Dress, that I sewed out of some adorable pink elephant print cotton that I bought in Thailand. “Why the naughty corner? And why are you showing it to us now?” you might ask?

I’m showing you my dress now because I’m helping to spread the love about the Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle 1 that’s for sale now until Wednesday, August 12th. It’s a bundle of patterns from independent sewing pattern designers. Including Dixie DIY,  Waffle PatternsJennifer Lauren Vintage PatternsMuse PatternsSew House SevenBlueprints for SewingSeamster Sewing PatternsLolita PatternsTrue Bias, and Sew Over It. An awesome selection of patterns by an awesome selection of designers! Act fast since this awesome bundle doesn’t last long (and stay tuned, since they’ll be a second bundle of totally different patterns and designers coming after)!

Sewing Indie Month (SIM) is a month-long celebration of indie sewing patterns where designers collaborate to bring you fun blog posts and informative tutorials. This year SIM will take place in September. It’s accompanied by a sewalong contest with fantastic prizes. Since the patterns in the SIM Bundle 1 are mostly wovens, this sale gives you time to make muslins before the contest begins in September while supporting small women-owned businesses and raising money for charity – yep, 20% of bundle proceeds will be donated to the International Folk Art Alliance, which provides education and exhibition opportunities to folk artists from around the world.

cutout on bonnel dress

I loved the little cutout detail on the Bonnel Dress and the gorgeous weather we’ve been having in the Pacific Northwest inspired me to make another little sundress. “So why the naughty corner?” you ask, again? Well, since I wanted to use this border print fabric for the dress, I needed to convert the skirt from A line to dirndl. And my dirdnl came out a bit puffy so I took off some width. Only I mis-measured and took off too much width and now the skirt doesn’t go all the way around my behind (that’s why I’m short on photos this post – I don’t want to show off my exposed behind! You’ve seen enough of it during the swimsuit sewalong last month!). So I have insert a strip of fabric somewhere, ruining the fact that I took out the side seams so I could have the border print uninterrupted on the bottom. I’m so frustrated at my stupid mistake!

understitching on bonnel dress insides

I did want to show off the insides of my dress. Since it’s fully lined but I didn’t have enough of the elephant fabric to self-line, I used some leftovers from my stash. The leftovers are definitely a different color than the main fabric so I did some serious fabric gymnastics to be able to understitch all of the edges!

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  1. Do not worry about your “alleged” mistakes. You learned from them and they made you make very creative design solutions. Hopefully you will eventually forgive that poor dress and wear it because it is beautiful!

  2. Oh no! That’s too bad…The fabric is uniqe! I am sure you can fix it ;)
    If not, you have a very stylish hospital gown, or a pretty “apron dress”!
    I love the idea of SIM, and I’ve seen several posts on it these last few days. I think I’m in, and I will definitely get the bundle!

    1. Post

      Stylish hospital gown wasn’t exactly what I was going for ;)

      I’m sure I’ll come up with a fix soon, I’m just grumpy about it for the moment and don’t want to tackle it until the grumpy subsides a bit.

  3. I love the style of your dress, love this level of pink color and also the little cutie colorful elephants on it…

    1. Post
    1. Post
      1. It will just look like a continuation of your waistband. Plus, if you need room in the upper back, you can extend the black up there. Then you get to keep your side seamlessness (new word!) and enjoy the print :)
        I consistently add a back panel to shirts I’ve hulked out of by reaching for something :)

  4. oooh!! I love the elephants- gorgeous! That’s really too bad about needing to add the panel- I hate when I do things like that. I’m sure it won’t take away from the finished dress though- nothing can take away from those elephants :)

  5. First, wow is this a cute cute cute look on you! The color, the print, the watermelon-juicy lining, the design of the dress with those little cutouts – i just want to eat you up!! (Aren’t you happy you are safely hundreds of miles north of me right now ;) Rooting for you pulling off the fix!

    Now that this post has slid down the page i can safely confess my own photo-mania. In my case it takes the form of not caring about stains, as they can be photoshopped out on the blog and that’s what really matters anyways. Gross!

    Last Sunday i was eating some Deep Dark Secret chocolate ice cream at Screaming Mimi’s in Sebatapol when a blop fell on my off-white cotton lawn slipdress. Hubby said, “Well, that dress is ruined.” I scoffed, telling him it would surely come out in the wash (which it did). But what i thought was, “oh who cares, a little rubber stamp tool in GIMP and none’s the wiser.”

    You are a brave and honest woman to confess so publicly. Take care and happy saturday!

    1. Post

      That’s a great story! I have to confess in full that I’m still not great at getting stains out myself, despite being a total klutz. Fortunately, I live near my mom who is a stain ninja and she magically (there is no other word for it) fixes anything I think I’ve permanently ruined!

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