Pink Brocade Peplum Top

pink vegas outfitThis weekend Adam and I went to Vegas. I had dreams of a cute little cocktail dress out of this beautiful pink brocade that I had in my stash. I pictured something tight, short, sexy, and, well, Vegas. And this is what I ended up with. A fairly modest, slightly peplum top with a belt and bow and vintage flair. Oh well. I made the pants to go with it, but I think I may need to make a little pencil skirt instead to make the ensemble a little sexier.

pale pink brocade cocktail dressI started out by making the skanky dress I had in my head. It was mostly self-drafted, but took cues from Gertie’s Wiggle Dress (which I have previously made to great success). But when I put it on, it looked horrible. Even Adam, who will only ever say nice things about how I look, couldn’t find anything nice to say. So, back to the drawing board because I was NOT going to give up on this fabric and I WAS going to have something new to wear to Vegas.

pink peplum brocade topI ended up chopping the top shorter and inserting small godets into the center princess seams and side seams. (I started with larger godets and thought it was too puffy. Man did I rip a lot of seams for this top!).

inside pink peplum topMaking every change more painful, was the fact that I underlined and lined the top. It needed to be underlined because the brocade alone is too loose weave to be a fitted garment without ripping at the seams. I lined it because it simplified construction on the neck and let me make the insides look as polished as the outside. I hemmed the bottom using seam tape and finished the armholes with bias tape.

handmade brocade and piping pink beltIn order for it to be the most flattering, I made a little belt to go with it (to give me clear waist definition). It’s fastened in the back with a big snap. I tied a bow out of the leftover piping and tacked it to the front. I initially did it just to see what a bow would look like and thought I would make a polished bow later, but I decided I actually liked the unfinished piping.

I have to say, for as frustrating as this project was, I’m pretty happy with how it ended up. If you like what you see and want to make something similar yourself,  I have a tutorial for finishing armholes with bias tape and for adding piping to a neck.

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  1. I love Vegas. So wonderfully over the top. That first photo of you is amazing! Love this brocade on you too, my heart feels for you the amount of seam ripping and re-fiddling it took but it was worth it.

  2. Very cute, and so well executed! Even if it’s not the sexy dress you were aiming for, you still managed to get a cute top out of it. Kudos to you and your seam ripper. : )

  3. Cute outfit! Good save, turning the dress into a top. It was worth the time and effort to rip it apart and remake it. It looks lovely!

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