Pink & Black Sporty Watson Bra

You know what I find really interesting? My current desire to wear unstructured bras. Before pregnancy I mostly wore foam-cup bras that helped to give the illusion of curves to my torso, to balance and soften my otherwise angular and hippy body. While pregnant and shortly after I only wore soft cup bralettes since my boobs were huge (to me) and my body was so covered in curve that no extra curve was necessary. But now that I’m back down in cup and body size I’m no longer as interested in the foam cups I once felt necessary. I’m more drawn to soft cup bras.

I don’t really know how to unpack this new desire. Is it because my post-baby body is softer even at the same weight as before so I don’t need to add more softness? Is it because I’m more comfortable in my own body than ever before? And does that mean manifest itself in not needing to create an illusion of a shape I’m not? Or even deeper, am I appreciating the androgyny in my natural physique and not needing to feminize it? Some deep thoughts for which I don’t have any answers yet.

I’m at a stable new normal for my body so it’s now worth it to focus on fitted garments that, well, fit. I’m done nursing and my bust has stabilized at a new normal. I’m done losing the (lots of) weight I gained while pregnant and my body has stabilized at a new normal. None of the 4 nursing bras I sewed last year (Watson bras and KwikSew K3594 bra 1 and bra 2) fit or are necessary so it’s bra sewing time.

Since I ended up liking my Watson bras a lot more than my KwikSew, I decided to start with a new Watson. I thought of it as a wearable muslin of sorts since I haven’t fit bras on this iteration of my body. I used some wicking sport fabric of which I had some scraps (most was used for my one-hour halter sample). I lined both the cups and band with a single layer of powermesh since I like the way the bra looks a lot better with the cup lined. But I think this is where I went wrong…

If you look carefully you’ll see that this bra goes a little beyond “supportive” and into the “boob squishing” territory, unfortunately. The sport fabric and powermesh combine to make a pretty sturdy fabric and I need the cup to be a tiny bit larger for such a firm fabric. Oops.

Fortunately, it actually makes a pretty good sports bra as-is since the compression keeps jiggles away, so I have my first me-made sports bra. Unfortunately, even after many washes, the black powermesh leaves a dye residue on my skin, especially if I get sweaty wearing it. Oh well. I learned things and the next bra will be even better.

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