Pink and Black Skull Necklace

skulls pink lava beads

Clearly, I can’t start one project without diving into another handful at the same time. Since I had to buy some beads and dig out my beading supplies to make my pearl necklace, I clearly had to buy other beads and start making some other necklaces too! I really won’t complain about having too much inspiration and I won’t even complain about not having enough time to follow through on all of my inspirations. I’ll just share this fun new necklace, how about that?


I bought these cute little skulls and fuchsia beads at the same time without actually intending for them to go together. But when I started playing around with ideas on my beading tray, it was obvious that they had to go together because, while I do enjoy a dose of the macabre, I enjoy it much more when it’s mixed with bright pink happy things!

soft flex beading wire

Since I haven’t beaded in such a very long time (and when I did I pretty much just stole my mom’s supplies!), I went to a local bead store to get recommendations. I told them that I was continually frustrated by the simple beading floss that I have breaking (maybe I’m just unusually brutal on my jewelry!?) but that when I use something sturdier, the necklace just kind of stays in a circle without draping. They recommended Soft Flex beading wire (with Beadalon as a close second) as being a great thin but flexible and drapey material.

clasp lava rocks

I used a basic lobster clasp to close the necklace and crimp beads to secure the ends. You might be wondering why put a clasp on such a long necklace when I can just slip it over my head. Admittedly, the clasp isn’t strictly necessary, but if you look closely at the necklace you will notice that it has a center bottom where the skull beads mirror and start facing the other direction so they are always face up. Therefore, I need a way to clearly mark the top back of the necklace so that I’m sure I’m wearing it the right way and an inch of smaller beads on either side of a clasp does the job nicely.

pink and black skull necklace outfit

You can see that it really does drape when I wear it, which is great. And it’s ever so strong. Win win win. And doesn’t it look adorable with my pink pleated maxi skirt? Like I said, I like a dose of happy with my macabre.

flying skull sweatshirt and necklace

I believe the skulls and pink beads are howlite, a stone that is commonly dyed (as it takes dye very well) and used to imitate other stones (particularly turquoise as it has natural black veining). The black beads are little pieces of lava.

pink white black skulls necklace

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  1. Is it really possible to have only one project at a time?

    I love the necklace colors. Does the lobster claw help keep it from rotating or is it mostly helpful in aligning it?

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      I’ve heard tell of people that work on one project at a time, but I can’t verify these reports. (I’ve also heard of people having seen a sasquatch, for what it’s worth). Mostly the lobster claw just helps alignment. Having a stretch of smaller beads at the very back (like I did with the lava) does help keep from rotating.

  2. I love this necklace. I’ve bought some of those skull beads too and I’ve never gotten round to making anything with them. I need something to break up the howlite, like you’ve done withe the lava stones. It will be bugging me in the back of my mind now till I do something with them ;-) thanks for the reminder!

  3. I love it! The lava beads especially, I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. What bead store do you go to in the city?

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  4. Love this necklace, the skulls and pink are great but the lava beads make it perfect. Thanks for the recommendation for the soft flex beading wire too.

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