Pink Anchor Dress I Will Never Wear

simplicity vintage 6934 made modern

I guess the title kinda gives away the punchline, no? I do adore the dress in the photo above. But before I zoom in on its faults, let me step back a bit and tell you why I sewed this dress. Everyone has their least favorite tasks when sewing. Many people complain about cutting fabric, which I actually happen to love. My least favorite part of sewing is fitting. I do not have a straight-from-the-envelope body which is one of the major reasons I started sewing, so I spend a fair bit of time fitting every new pattern that I sew. I also tend to sew a pattern once and, even if I love it, never get around to a next time. Well, recently I had this revelation that if I sewed a pattern more than once, I wouldn’t have to spend time fitting it on any future versions. Duh! So right after I sewed vintage Simplicity 6934 out of purple wool jersey I cut it out in lightweight cotton jersey so that I could have a summer version of the same dress.

simplicity vintage 6934 made modern back

So, what’s wrong? First – I decided to use some remnants from my stash for this dress (the rest of this jersey went to samples of my Sew It All TV blouse). I love the pink anchor print and though it’s not the greatest color on me (since it essentially matches my skin) I think it works fine with the white up against my face. The problem is the sheerness of both fabrics. I have to wear a slip under this dress for it not to be indecent and that’s just not something I’m going to do with a summer jersey dress. Second – I put a block of the white at the bottom front of the dress because I didn’t have enough of the pink to make it long enough but I didn’t have enough of the white to make the block go all the way around. And I like the way it looks straight on from the front or the back but the side view drives me nuts.

simplicity vintage 6934 made modern 3

Fortunately, while taking these photos I had a revelation that I could cut the dress into a shirt and still get wear out of it. I think the fit is great and I love the fabrics and somehow I don’t mind a slightly-too-sheer shirt in the summer. So, it’s going into the mending pile and I’ll turn it into a shirt soon!

simplicity vintage 6934 made modern 2

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  1. its a lovely pattern and the anchor fabric is so sweet. its a pity when you make something and then have immediate reservations – personally i think its fine but you are the wearer! – is it different if you put another colour besides the white next to the pink? i think if you are restyling it, you could do a cute summer shoulder tie top, and i would white line it so the white would show in the shoulder ties and take the full pink look away.

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      Those are some fun refashion ideas. Thanks for sharing! I think I’ll start with just cropping it to a t-shirt as I’m pretty sure that will take away enough of my reservations that I can enjoy it fully – but those are great ideas to keep in mind for the future!

  2. It’ll be a fabulous top. That cheeky neckline is so cute. It’ll be perfect with a pair of shorts or jeans or a pencil skirt or anything really. Nothing lost at all here. Everything gained!! :-)

  3. I see what’s driving you nuts about the sideview. I would knock me off my rocker, too :D But at least you tried it! The shirt idea is great, as a top would be super cute. Love the anchor fabric, and the neckline!

  4. I was thinking you could wear it as a nightgown but after reading your suggestion about cutting it into a shirt–that is even better!

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  5. I’m glad you’ll be able to salvage it, because that anchor fabric is fantastic! And I agree the fit is really nice.

    And dude, how are you so cute?!? I adore your nose ring and your tattoos!

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  6. I made some summer dresses a couple years ago. I knew I didn’t want to wear a bra or slip, but also didn’t want to be indecent, so, I lined the whole thing with a simular color cotton. Basically, I cut each piece twice, and sewed it with seams facing each other, so it’s almost reversable. The skirt area lining is about 1 1/2″ shorter than the actual dress, but if the sun is setting behind you, you’ll appriciate the privacy. Just a thought for those who hate dealing with slips, cuz their name says it all – they slip.

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