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Since I’ve been on a quest to find all the sewing picture books in existence, I figured I should find all the knitting picture books too! Maybe you have a munchkin of your own and want ideas for books to get from the library or maybe you’re looking for gift ideas for the kiddos of your friends and family. These are all books about knitting that I’ve found and would recommend! (Want even more ideas for kids of textile lovers? Check out my list of sewing picture books!)

Noodle’s Knitting is a cute tale of a mouse who gets so into her knitting that she end ups knitting a scarf long enough to make a winter nest for her and her friends frog, hedgehog, and squirrel. Best part: The pages are flocked so all the yarn is a little fuzzy!

Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza follows a lovable owl who knits her way around the world while trying to find appreciative recipients of her sweaters. Best part: I don’t know why but my daughter just adores this book, so it gets Evelyn’s highest stamp of approval.

Ned the Knitting Pirate is the story of a pirate who loves to knit, despite receiving flack from his co-pirates. They change their tune when his knitting saves the day! Best part: It’s hard to find knitting books with male characters and this book shows that strong/masculine men (like pirates) can be knitters.

Extra Yarn is an imaginative tale of a girl who brings color to a greyscale world by knitting sweaters for everyone, every animal, and every thing from a magical box of yarn that never runs out. Best part: The illustrations get more and more colorful as the story progresses and the creative story made me smile.

Cat Knit is a cute and colorful story of a cat and the ball of yarn that he befriends and his struggle to like yarn after yarn becomes a sweater. “Warming up to something new takes time.” is Best part: This story was a gift to Evie from a dear friend and is what introduced me to the idea that I could find a whole collection of sewing and knitting books for my own daughter.

Knit Together tells the story of a mother who knits and her daughter who draws and the amazing thing they make when the collaborate on a project. Best part: This book does a lovely job of showing that different people have different skills and that’s okay because we can share our expertise with each other.

A Hat for Mrs. Goldman is a heartwarming tale of Mrs. Goldman, a woman who takes care of all of her friends and neighbors by knitting for them, and her young neighbor who learns to knit so she can do something kind for Mrs. Goldman in return. Best part: The book teaches that making things for others is a miztvah (good deed) and the things need not be perfect if they are made with love.

Shall I Knit You a Hat: A Christmas Yarn is the story of a rabbit and his mother who design and knit extra special hats for each of their animal friends with thoughtful customizations. The animals aren’t thrilled at first because the hats are pretty non-traditional, but once the snow sets in they realize and appreciate how thoughtful the rabbits were. Best part: The funny shapes of the hats are good for a laugh (and the sweet story is good for an aww.)

Knitty Kitty is a cute little tale of a mother cat knitting for her kittens. Best part: Cats and knitting. Need I say more?

The Goat in the Rug is actually about weaving, not knitting, but it should delight all sorts of textile lovers. It’s the true story of a Navajo rug being woven, from shearing to carding, spinning to dying, preparing the loom to weaving. Best part: It’s told humorously through the eyes of the goat whose wool is used for the rug.

Have you found any other knitting picture books I should check out?

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  1. Ooh this is one of my things! I have even done a yarn and fiber themed story time (I was definitely more excited than the kids. Feeding the Sheep is sadly out of print, but it is great! Love the illustrations, and that it covers the whole process from sheep to sweater. https://www.amazon.com/Feeding-Sheep-Leda-Schubert/dp/0374322961

    I also love Leave Me Alone! and you can tell that it’s illustrated by someone who actually knits. https://www.amazon.com/Leave-Me-Alone-Vera-Brosgol/dp/1626724415

    The Fuse 8 blog has written two posts about the lack of accurate knitting in picture books: http://blogs.slj.com/afuse8production/2016/09/23/famous-illustrators-depictions-of-knitting-ranked-in-order-of-competency/

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  2. This is great! I knew about Extra Yarn from a preschool book list I’ve been collecting from, but these other ones sound worth checking out. Especially the pirate one. Now if there was only a book about knitting dinosaurs, my older boy who was expressing curiosity over me knitting just today would be all over that.

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