Pattern Testing

Anyone can pattern test for Tuesday Stitches. Yes, that means you too! If you’re interested, sign up below.

Some FAQs about pattern testing:

Do I need to blog?

Nope. You do not need to have a blog or to be active on social media to pattern test for Tuesday Stitches. You are welcome to share your pattern testing experience on your blog or social media after the pattern is released, but it is not required.

What if my measurements don’t fit in one size?

Totally fine. Erin’s don’t either! Just let us know what sizes you graded between for your test sew.

What if I’m a beginning sewist?

Great! Beginning, intermediate, and advanced sewists are welcome to pattern test. We’ll let you know what difficulty we consider each pattern as we send it out. Having a full range of experience testing our patterns makes them better – beginning sewists are the best at telling us where we might be able to make our instructions more clear and advanced sewists often have great ideas about techniques or modifications.

What is the process?

  • Sign up to be a pattern tester for Tuesday Stitches below.
  • When we have a pattern that is ready to go out for testing, we email everyone on the pattern testing list, briefly describing the pattern. Testers that are interested in testing the pattern will have the opportunity to respond and sign up to test that pattern.
  • We will email a pdf of the pattern and instructions to testers as well as a questionnaire askingabout fit and instructions.
  • As we receive feedback from testers, we may send additional emails containing pattern or instructional updates.
  • When the pattern is released, you are welcome to share about your garment or testing experience on social media but you are not required to.
  • We will send testers a complimentary copy of the finished pattern when it is released.

What do pattern testers do?

Pattern testers make Tuesday Stitches possible! They sew up a draft version of an almost-finished pattern using almost-finished instructions and give us feedback on sizing, fit, instructions, and design so that our final release can be as perfect as possible.

Do pattern testers get to keep their finished projects?

Yes! Your project is yours to keep. We appreciate it if you send us glamour shots of you in your fabulous finished garment that we can share on our website and social media, but they are not required. All that we require is your written feedback and privately shared photos that show how your garment is fitting you.

Do we invite specific pattern testers?

Rarely. The vast majority of our pattern testers have signed up to be pattern testers, just like you can below. Occasionally, we may reach out to friends (IRL or online) that fill specific size niches if we don’t already have enough testers in specific sizes.

If you would like to be a pattern tester for Tuesday Stitches, please sign up below!


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