Pattern Testers for the Nautilus Swimsuit

The most satisfying and inspiring part of any pattern release is seeing it made up by other women! It is so fun to see a collection of different women using different fabric and making different design decisions, all from the same pattern. I was fortunate to have an amazing, inspiring, creative assortment of women that tested the Nautilus Swimsuit and I’m honored to share some of their gorgeous creations (and to hand out completely arbitrary and useless awards to thank them!). (Because this pattern is a swimsuit there were quite a number of women that asked not to be included in this post – they know who they are and I am just as thankful to them for their help!)

Mariah - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Mariah of Blackberry Jamble wins most classic for her cute black and white polka dot. (I made some of my initial samples in the same fabric!) She said after taking the suit out for a test drive “I’m happy to report that I had no wardrobe malfunctions :)” (Catch Mariah on Twitter or Instagram)

Rebecca - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Rebecca of Sew Pomona wins best variations as she whipped up two versions! She made a couple of modifications – raising the bottom of the bikini for higher waist and turning the one-piece into a tankini – both of which will be detailed during the coming Summer Swimsuit Sewalong. (Wish I could have been there hanging out wherever she took photos – the surf and sand looks delightful and she looks so comfortably cool!) (Catch Rebecca on her blog or Twitter)

Elaine - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Elaine wins best use of non-traditional tools as she had the great idea to paint her swimsuit hook with nail polish so it matched her suit better! She said that “the twist front on this bathing suit was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It covers every thing I wanted yet was not too modest” because she “appreciate[s] coverage, but hate[s] boring”. I agree – I’ll wear anything but boring! (Watch for her full review of the pattern to go up at the Curvy Sewing Collective soon)

Kara - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Kara wins the hard rock award as her suit already passed the real-life wearability test. “I just wore mine to the pool with my two kids on Thursday, and it survived some pretty rough play. I was pleased!”  She is already scheming fun variation ideas for the Nautilus Swimsuit – “It would be fun to try the one piece in a print, or try the bikini top paired with a high waisted bottom.” (A high-waisted hack is coming in the sewalong!) (Catch Kara on Instagram)

Carolyn - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Carolyn of Poofy Tail wins most chic with her navy blue swimsuit. She pointed out that one of the perks of sewing a two piece is being able to pick very different sizes for the top and bottom as she did. She said “The bottom fit perfectly. No kidding. I may actually try to make panties using the bottom pattern since the fit was so good.” Sounds like a great idea that I may have to try myself! (Catch Carolyn on her blog).

Helen - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Helen of Button and Snap wins most cheerful swimsuit. Love her tropical print! She says “I don’t need many swimsuits, but I’d like to make a dance costume from this or use it as the top of a dress.” I hadn’t even considered using the bikini top as part of a dress but I feel a Nautilus maxi dress coming on! (Catch Helen on her blog)

Anne - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Anne wins best pattern placement award – love how she placed the print on her top and bottoms. She says that the pattern “really sews up pretty easily and is a fun project as well (I got a huge kick out of sewing the top)” echoing the sentiments of many testers that the twist is intimidating but if you follow the instructions step by step it’s actually surprisingly easy.

Maria - Nautilus Swimsuit Pattern Tester

Maria of How Good is That wins prettiest muslin. She may have only had the chance to make a muslin of her swimsuit but she had the fun idea to use FOE (fold-over elastic) to emphasize the seams on the suit. Love the idea and I’ll be sharing how in the Summer Swimsuit Sewalong! (Catch Maria on her blog, Twitter or Instagram)

Pheobe wins best fabric combination for her suit. Love how the blue and white play off each other! She pointed out that having a bit of experience sewing knits is a great background to have when sewing a swimsuit. She also pointed out that checking the stretch in your fabric (and lining) is really important.


Roni wins best work-around for her swimsuit. She has a hard time finding notions where she lives so she removed the closure on the back of the swimsuit (another tutorial I’ll be sharing in the Summer Swimsuit Sewalong). (Catch Roni on her blog or Instagram)

Thanks again ladies! If you are interested in testing future SeamstressErin Designs patterns, sign up here!

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  1. Omg! These ladies look amazing! I love all of the suits! I wasn’t planning on buying this pattern only because I have one that I like, but I plan on making this after my wedding!

    1. Post
  2. Wow! All the ladies look great, and their suits look extremely chic and beautifully made.

  3. Wow! Everyone’s suits look so great! So much inspiration! I was honored to be a pattern tester and cannot wait to make another one now.

  4. I love seeing all the variations of the swimsuit! Everyone’s looks fabulous- such beautiful suits! I love that this suit flatters so many different body types. I had a blast pattern testing. Thanks for sharing my version! :)

  5. Congratulations Erin.
    You did a stack of behind the scenes work to make this pattern work really well.
    I love how the Nautilus has lots of sizing options because I know my weight fluctuates a lot so I appreciate having a very ‘adjustable’ pattern in my stash.
    All your great testers have come up with a lovely swimsuit that they look great in.

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