Pattern Testers for Monster Wear

My awesome pattern testers made some lovely versions of their Monster Wear hat & mittens that I’m very happy to be sharing with you today. Many thanks to them for their help!

Delightfully Peculiar Monster Wear

Vasiliki of Delightfully Peculiar made a beautiful faux fur version. She said that the fur she used wasn’t great quality (although it was a stashbuster) and noted that the quality of fur you use is noticeable (as I mention in the post on choosing fabric for Monster Wear), so she wants to use a nicer fur next time. The lining was cut from an old t-shirt making it soft and cozy against her head.

Kathleen Monster Wear

I was floored by the gorgeous combination of fur, lace, and animal print in Kathleen’s first hat. Not something I would have come up with myself but I adore it! She also made a fun set using Monsters Inc. print fabric for the ears and hat lining, perfect for making this hat even more appealing to kids.

Create for Life Monster Wear

Lara of Create for Life made a version that is fun for the whole family! She cut the hat out of old clothes that she had been wanting to recycle, making it cheap and eco-friendly. The lining and ear contrasts are wool making the hat quite warm.

Cheryl of Orange is a Neutral used fleece and flannel which should help keep her head warm through her Canadian winters. I hadn’t considered folding the brim back, but I like how it looks on her version.

Sewcial Warrior made an animal-print fleece version that matches an infinity scarf she had made previously. I think the combination looks downright elegant! And I understand that both her kids are wanting a version of their own.

An additional thanks to my testers that didn’t want to be included in the round-up post – you know who you are and I appreciate your help too! I love my pattern testers and welcome anyone to pattern test for me, so if you’re into pattern testing, sign up to be added to the list for future patterns!

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  1. Every single one of these versions ROCK!!! (obligatory metal hand sign)

    It is especially wonderful that each person put their own unique spin on a pattern which has a lot of integral moxy to begin with. Really showcases the versatility of this design.

    And as a person who loves me a strain of pioneer woman utilitarianism, i’m seriously digging the ‘amish monster’ vibe of Cheryl’s turned back brim. Of course monsters were even more prevalent in the olden days on the frontier; how refreshing to see this simple fact reflected in modern casual wear.

    Well done everyone! steph

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